Rainbow Belts by Jungle Boys


Rainbow Belts


Jungle Boys


Zkittlez x Moonbow #75


30.97% Total Cannabinoids


$46 with medical rec. $60 w/o


Blueberry Candy, Lemongrass Jelly Belly, Lavender Cream, Trix Yogurt core.


Small/med pale green nugs with a icy finish. Terribly parched. Subpar manicure, but nice trim.


Combustion: Lemon Dessert, Pine Candy Laundry Sheet, Butane, Rose.

Vapor: Sour Skittles, Tangerine, Elderflower.


Average Strength: Warm, fuzzy high from head-body. Tranquil headspace. Creative and slightly stoney.


So I said I was gonna take a loooong break from Jungle Boys, but these genetics drew me in again! Moonbow is a magnificent, tasty strain from Archive so I had to check out what this cross would be like.

As I open the pack my nose is met with a burst of fresh-cut grass. There’s a bit of lemon to it, and it’s extremely sugary. There’s a light laundry and lavender tone underneath a bit of creamy artifical fruit yogurt. Best I can describe it is like getting a whiff of meyer lemon custard and lavender blueberry pie. Volume is around a 4. Relatively light, but certainly pleasant.

Composition is where this bud is falling completely flat, and really brings down my score significantly. The long, whispy leaves curl and tightly hug the bud, leaving it properly dense. But it crumbles as soon as I apply pressure to break up a bowl – without leaving any smell behind on my fingers.

After opening up over a bakers dozen JB packs this year, I’ve noticed a trend. The humidity sucks. In my opinion, the problem is that the bud is being left out for too long before going into the package. Doesn’t matter whether I wait a couple weeks or open it the same day, my anecdotal experiences have been consistent.

Smoke is neither harsh nor smooth – just residing somewhere in the middle. The inhale has a bit of that sweet tarts candy chalk before releasing shades of lemonheads, flower, and linen with a drop of fuel. It’s kinda like sucking on a gassy lemondrop rose.

At 340°F the palate is as equally exciting with the sour citric acid sensation really comes into play here. There’s a bit of tangie terps playing against light notes of juniper – like a lightly orange blossom-infused gin.

The effect is both euphoric and gleeful. You’ll feel like sliding down Rainbow Road screaming “Weeee!” before getting hit in the head by a proverbial blue shell. The hazy head pressure does creep up a bit.

I bought this cause my experience with Moonbow 112 by Archive was extraordinary. Of course I wasn’t expecting that level of quality 😅 While the flavor was nice, the flower looks and feels like fire mids in comparison to that 112 – which is on a completely different level.

This cultivar will be fantastic in the right hands, just not these ones. If you’re following me for Jungle Boys reviews don’t hold your breath… it’s gonna be a while till the next one.

The Fire Scale:

5 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥