J-1 by Cali Kush Farms




Cali Kush


Jack Herer x Skunk #1


29.52% Total Cannabinoids

Top Terps:

Terpinolene, Caryophyllene, Myrcene.


$55 from The Kind Dispensary


Camphoraceous Medicinal Tang, Vomit, Grapefruit Peel, Rosemary.


Fantastic nug selection – large/med. Perfect humidity. Excellent trim/manicure. A+


Dry pull: Eucalyptus

Combustion: Tangy Rosemary, Lavender Dryer Sheet, lingering Sweet Bile.

Vapor: Holisitic Herbs, Grapefruit, Butyric Acid.


Medium Strength – Focused, alert. Like a good cup of coffee without the elevated heart rate. Grinning head high.


First off, Cali Kush does a tremendous job with this J-1. The aroma is loud, the cure is perfect, saucy palate, and effects are exactly where they should be. So as far as the flower goes, it doesn’t get any better than this. If you like Jack Herer, this, along with Simple Jack by Source are my top recommendations.

I consider Jack Herer to be the cilantro of cannabis. There are those that find it sweet, floral, and appealing. While some find it sour, naseuea-enducing, and overall, vile. What gives Jack this pungent, polarizing aroma? Terpinolene. Leafly describes it as “piney, floral, herbaceous”. I mostly agree, but that isn’t nearly specific enough for this review, so let’s dive into what I get.

As soon as I twist the seal open on the jar my stomach starts to churn and bubble. I’m not exaggerating. My pysche has a visceral, involuntary reaction. To me, it’s a blend of campahor, throwup, rosemary, and fresh linen.

Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on the person, the palate is almost an exact replica of the aroma. The only exception being that during combustion I get a bit more of the hoppy spice from the caryophyllene. At 450F° and below, the terpinolene completely coats my mouth, lingering for several minutes after exhale.

While the terpenes do not delight my personal genetic makeup, the effects are just what I’m looking for in a “sativa.” It’s a perfect top-of-the-morning smoke, as it’s invigorating, clear-headed, and caffeinated. Hazy sativas leave me groggy, while Jack makes me want to be a productive human.

The Fire Scale:

For someone, this will be a 10, for another it will be a 3. Personally, it’s hard for me to put a realistic score to this flower because of my deeply-rooted bias. But like I mentioned earlier, if you’re a fan of these terps, this is exemplary.