Haupina by ShoppingCarts x Hill Wizard




ShoppingCarts x Hill Wizard


Lemon Cherry Gelato x Bacio Gelato




Sour Fruit, Nutty Gas, Parmesan, Artificial Coconut.


Stacked with trichs. Dense. Perfect humidity, trim/manicure. Grade A+


Dry Pull: Gassy Chamomile

Combustion: Coconut Water, Nutty Gas, lingering Sunscreen.

Vapor: Lime, Coconut Sunscreen, Grass, scant Grenadine, hint of Dark chocolate.


Medium Strength: Relaxed, Joyous, slightly Spacey. Comforting head pressure with focus behind the eyes.


Cultivated by Hill Wizard, Haupina is one of several flowers that stem from their line of LCG x 41 phenos. Right when I open the bag I’m blasted with a loud aroma. At first, it smells no different than LCG, slight shaved parmesan, a drop of that hazelnut diesel from the 41, with a slight grassy base. But then, I twist at just the right angle, breathing in with more restriction than before, and oh… there it is, Coconut. It’s similar to an artificial coconut candle, but dialed back. Imagine you’re sunbathing on the beach as a nearby coconut breeze wafts by – not as aggressive on the nose or sugary as you might think.

E ku’u Akua! This bud is doused in glittering trichs. These gorgeous nugs I find in my bag have perfect humidity. Yet dense, and breaks apart with ease. While the bud isn’t particularly sticky, I’m not complaining. This is close to perfect.

Smoke is extremely smooth, with light tropical grass on the inhale. The exhale delivers something akin to coconut water, and very light gas. There’s a lingering salty dough that starts to creep, but instead settles into coconut sunscreen butane – which just hangs around in my mouth for an extended duration.

I found the fruit/citrus flavors to be totally absent until I roll back to 340Β° and below. For me, vaping was the optimal experience, as hint of lime, coconut sunscreen, tropical grass, and touches of cherry sharpie churn on my palate. There’s a faint dark chocolate note that comes in, when combined with the sunscreen almost simulates a Mounds Candy Bar. Glorious.

Effects are powerful, but not sedative or mind-altering. It’s a nice anytime-of-the-day hybrid. I’d like to kick back, pairing it with a Pina Colada variation (heavy on the Jamaican rum, please.)

Even though this was initial impression with the Haupia line, and I’ve yet to try the other three phenos, consider me tremendously impressed. It’s still early in the game, but because of its unique terps, I could really see this cut as coveted genetics – and could potentially spawn a whole new breed of tropical vibes. Catch the wave.

The Fire Scale:

8 πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯