Christmas Lights by Insane OG


Christmas Lights


Insane OG


(Pine OG x Afghani) x Purple Thai


22.3% Total Cannabinoids


$55+ taxes


Pine Sol, Pistachio Cake core.


Med/small nugs. Brittle exterior with some crunch, but not dust. Sticky after Boveda. Terpenes are plenty loud.


Combustion: Cedar, light Brown Hash, Whole Milk Butane Mothball.

Vapor: Sweet Spearmint Pine Sap, Noble Fir.


Average – Zen. Tranquil. Slight head pressure in the temples and behind the eyes. Leans towards those couch-lock type effects.


Happy Holidays!  Christmas Lights was recommended from several cannaseurs as a fantastic, heavy OG pheno. I purchased the pack about 6 weeks ago and have been eagerly anticipating dropping this review, and especially the pictures from this photoshoot – it was a lot of fun 😁 Now… onto the herb!

Sweet baby Jesus, this bud smells like an old school OG that’s been dipped in Pine Sol – it’s seriously aggressive. Upon breaking open the bud, a sweet, pistachio cake aroma shoots out. I really dig this terpene, and it’s also signifies the potential of a promising palate.

Surprisingly, this herb is not as dense as it looks. A light coat of frosty trichs cover the bud, but it’s nothing too out of the ordinary. It leaves behind some light lemon peel on my fingers after the breakdown.

Smoke is a lil’ hefty – it’s got some weight on the throat, but doesn’t irritate. Initially, I pick up a strong woody note, similar to a campfire with a slight cedar sawdust edge. There’s an earthy, hashy bit that starts to develop before settling into a creamy, odorless gas. It’s got a touch of mothball and cotton, drying my mouth up quickly.

At 330°F, the bud secretes a Doublemint gum pine sap with a touch of Mentos. At 360°F that’s where the magic spot was, as I’m really picking up that Christmas Tree flavor, just like the Noble Fir that I have up in my living room. Really nice flavor here, not so much on combustion.

I was expecting a little more, but all in all I definitely enjoyed it. I’m not going full Grinch for this review, but I did have more fun shooting pictures than consuming the product. I would be a little hesitant to recommend it considering that there is so much good flower out right now, but it’s still a solid pickup. And absolutely appropriate for the season. Merry Christmas!

The Fire Scale:

6 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥