41 Cherriez by Don Merfos Exotics x A1 Exotics


41 Cherriez


Don Merfos Exotics


Gelato 41 x Black Cherry Gelato




Hazelnut Gas, Sour Fruit Leather, Cheesy Gelato Musk.


Large/med nugs – Great selection. Excellent trim and humidity. Coated in crystals, with some nice bits of purple poking out on the breakdown.


Combustion: Cherry Vanilla Creme Soda, Sweet Hazelnut Gas, Cherry Scratch n Sniff.

Vapor: Mint Chocolate Cherry Milkshake, light Acetone.


Average Strength – Evenly matched head and body buzz. A bit on the stonier, hazy side.


My last pack of Don Merfos, Super Lemon Cherry, was one of my favorite bag designs of the year. But this 41 Cherries takes the cake with a fully realized front to back package. It’s playful, witty, and something I’d drop into a time capsule. 50’s pop art collides with the contemporary mylar to create a piece of art that is unique to its time and location. This is my favorite art design of 2020.

The nose is instantly recognizable from the signature “hazelnut gas”, musky parmesan, and sour exotic fruit. I feel like a broken record spewing out the same aroma/tasting notes, but that doesn’t make them any less welcoming or accurate. This does lean slightly towards the sour fruit leather, as the cheesy notes get a little more buried towards the back.

This bud is as dense as an MMA Fighter, with its muscles being replaced by trichromes. My 1/8th is comprised of three large/med nugs. I was surprised that there wasn’t any additional aroma on the breakdown – usually I would expect some funky pepper, but it was just more of the same.

While the aroma and budstructure simply mirror most of the other 41 cuts I’ve had this year, the flavor is where it opens up into something more unique.

Initially, smoke is delicately smooth, containing a rich, musky, sour fruit inhale and a nutty gas exhale. But the more I dig in, the more I can taste the Cherry smelly market, vanilla creme, and melted gelato. These subtle terps simply weren’t present for the first couple hits. It took some searching, but once found, was very rewarding.

Once I had been acclimated with the profile through combustion, I turned to lower temperatures. At 360°F and below those old-fashioned soda flavors that I found in combustion turned into more of a mint chocolate cherry ice cream sundae – sweet, creamy, with a hint of spearmint. Oddly enough, there’s a light nail polish remover flavor that creeps up to accentuate the notes of stone fruit. It’s really nice.

At the end of the day, this reminds me of a restrained version of some kind of Gushers x Biscotti with a light cherry terp influence. I burned through it pretty quickly.

The Fire Scale:

8 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥