Tangie Ting by Blem Vibe x Cali Lotus


Tangie Ting


Blem Vibe x Cali Lotus


“Offshoot of original Tangie by DNA Genetics”


32.948% Total Cannabinoids

Top Terps:

Myrcene, Terpinolene, Limonene.


$70+ taxes




Calma West Hollywood


Tangerine & Grapefruit Peel, Orange Creamsicle, Rosemary Hops, light Alkaline Bile.


Giant nug w/ a few Med-sized. Fantastic selection. Perfect trim, manicure. Humidity is okay.


Dry Pull: Tangy, Thyme-infused Orange Marmalade.

Combustion: Crushed Rosemary, French Vanilla, Tangerine Orchard, Earthy Fondant.

Vapor: Orange Mint Honey-Herb Ricola.


Average Strength – Clear & focused head high. Light body buzz. Creative, inspired, gleeful. The type of herb that seems to always cure my headaches.


From my experience, I’ve seen tangie terps to be some of the most polarizing. I’ve never heard anyone say they are okay. Either you tend to love em or hate em. I fall on the latter side, but tbh I’ve been getting a little bored reviewing Gelato and Z crosses so I figured this was a nice detour for my senses.

Also, thanks to @calmawesthollywood for hooking this one up for a review. They are a brand new dispo and I was tremendously impressed with their selection, and they have a fantastic FTP special. It’s not your typical dispo, as it carries that @shopbando aesthetic: pastels, palm fronds, and instagram worthy visuals. While it may be slightly jarring to the consumer that tends to frequent more hole-in-the-wall dispos, this vibe is sure to appeal to all the millennial influencers and their norm-core besties in bucket hats. It fits in perfectly around the neighborhood and fills a void in the market.

The nose on Tangie Ting is exactly what I expected. A sharp, tangy, herbaceous citrus peel aroma launches out of the jar. There’s a bit of throwup in there from the terpinolene, but this is all pretty balanced out by the sweet earthy hops from the Myrcene, while the limonene provides the fresh citrus. There’s a tinge of caryophyllene pepper in the core, but it’s extremely light. Blended together, it slightly emulates that 50/50 Creamsicle bar taste that I was missing from the J-1 from Cali Kush I just reviewed.

Holy hell, this nug tho. I had to maneuver this behemoth in the jar before pulling it out – I don’t even know how they managed to stick it in there in the first place. While the bud has a slight crunch, it’s still in top form. Just fine for combustion and perfect for the vape. I really do believe an easy double-seal would really benefit these jars. I could smell the terps escaping while it hung out in my headstash for about a week. The breakdown leaves my fingers covered in a sticky grapefruit-fueled resin.

The inhale is extremely smooth. It fills up my mouth with sweet earth vanilla bean, a touch of hops, creamy orange peel finish, and lingering crushed rosemary with a light brown hash note that pops in and out. While these terpenes aren’t my favorite, and generally disliked, this experience is quite palatable. I find myself packing up more of this than some of the other flower I currently have open. That’s unusual.

Vaping at 340Β°F initially pulled a slight cooling effect with distinct skunky tangie terps and honeysuckle rosemary. Combined together, this simulated some sort of wellness shot I would expect to find at Erewhon. Subsequent pulls didn’t offer quite the same level of herbaceous citrus intensity, as the earthy levels of flavor seemed to dominate with a slight dark chocolate orange note at the end.

This is, hands down, one of the best tangie flowers I’ve ever had, if not the best. It really gives L’Orange by CBX a run for its money. Which brings me to my next point that I don’t normally bring up… money. Not gonna lie, this bud is really expensive and I don’t expect most people to drop this kind of cash on a sativa. But, like some of you know, price and “value” do NOT factor into my rating. For what it is, this flower is tremendous. If you’re looking for a super high quality tangie, here it is.

The Fire Scale:

8 πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯