Shady Apples by Your Highness


Shady Apples


Apple Fritter x Kush Mints 11


29.25% THC




Dr. Greenthumbs Los Angeles


$60+ taxes


Tart Fruit Yogurt, Sweet Cheese, Musky Pepper Pastry.


One large nug, two smalls. Dense, but breaks apart with ease. Humidity is okay. Frosty, mixed green exterior, bright purple interior.


Dry Pull: Green Apple Yogurt

Combustion: Sour Floral Bite, Salted Dough, light Earthy OG Pine with Butane finish.

Vapor: Key Lime Cheescake, light OG Pine.


Medium Strength – Relaxed body buzz w/ muscle relaxation. Wraparound head pressure with light focus on temples. Leans toward hazy.


A few months back, I showered praises about the Triple Scoop from Your Highness. It’s loud, musky terpene profile, with equally matched flavors and effects won me over completely. After that review, I had multiple people tell me that the one to pick was Shady Apples – the best of the bunch. So of course I had, no pun intended, high expectations going in. Here we go now.

As I rip open the pack, a tart, funky, green apple yogurt emanates into my olfactory zone. It’s that little bit of sour, aged dairy that tickles my senses. It’s got a sweet cheese filling that swirls into a bit of caryophyllene pepper dough. If you close your eyes, and let the whole spectrum take over it totally reminds me of a freshly baked green apple danish – warm, and still oozing inside. And still, I can’t leave out that this has a slight musky, OG profile on the backend. Just delightful.

YHLA does have a line of cannabis derived terpene candles so I am hoping this will be one of them. I’d love to have the ability to conjure up this aroma at any time.

My pack was mainly comprised of a gorgeous, and massive 3.1g nug. As you can see, it was deeply stacked, and took my days to break down the whole material. The interior provided a light boost to the funky pepper notes, which seemed to be accentuated even more after an additional day or two of curing.

Combustion is a bit unkind to these terpenes. The inhale contains all the wonderful, tart fruit aromas, but as the exhale starts to shift, so does the flavor, revealing more of a doughy gas and slight OG profile. I only wish it held onto those juicy terps for a little longer.

At 450°F, I pick up a delightful, cheesy citrus dessert. Definitely some lime and cinnamon, complete with a graham cracker crust. A lingering, buttery OG finish makes me keep wanting to come back for more.

As you can tell, I really liked this flower and give it an enthusiastic recommendation. I did hold onto my pack for a couple weeks longer than I would have liked to, so I attribute some of lower terp volumes to my fault. A new batch was just released here in Los Angeles so I would definitely recommend you get on that one if you like the sound of these terps. If you like Apple Fritter, Cosmic Crisp, American Pie then definitely try Shady Apples as it is a pretty special flower.

The Fire Scale:

7 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥