Muerta The Fire Society




The Fire Society


Ether x Animal Cookies


27.55% Total Cannabinoids




Stiizy DTLA




Feral Musk, light Parmesan, Baking Spice, Armenian Dessert, Savory Pepper.


Med/small nugs. Thick coat of trichs and kief. Low humidity. Nice trim, okay manicure.


Dry Pull: Nondescript

Vapor: Sweet Earthy Gas, slight Cooling effect, Brown Sugar cookie.

Combustion: Allspice, Sour Hazelnut Gas, Doughy Chlorinated Pool finish


Average Strength – Equally balanced between body and mind. Leans slightly towards heavy limbs and sedative-type effects. Calm, focused mind.


Recently I had the absolute pleasure of breaking into Ether, Gross, and Moneybagg Runtz – all fantastic selections from team. So once I was able to track down some Muerta, a highly requested review from some of you, I jumped on it.

Thanks to @dustingoodroadofficial – who budtends at @stiizydtla – for holding it behind the counter for me while my pup and I cruised down to pick it up.

Another killer art design on this jar. I really dig the branding and aesthetics that FS is putting out.

Muerta holds a similar nose to Ether (you might wanna go back to Nov. 24th and read that if you haven’t already, for reference.) Musky cheese gelato notes coupled with smooth nutty gas and a light hint of fruit are unmistakably there. Yet, this has a different shade of character. There’s a sweet, earthy, dough that envelopes that scent from the Ether. Almost like this flower has been “freshly baked” – it’s quite nice. Yet, muted.

Breaking open the bud reveals that stank savory pepper note I found in the Gross – leaning towards breakfast sausage. I love that. The trichs holds a golden, amber hue and dazzle in the light.

Combustion is creamy, and smooth on the throat. Expect some aromatic spice up front, nutty gas, and a walloping heap of sweet baking dough with a lingering profile that reminds me of swimming lessons as a kid – when I accidentally swallowed a mouthful of pool water. I’ve had these terps on the nose before, but never have they come through on the palate. A first for me.

Bringing down the temperature to 350° and below shines a spotlight on the hops and earth from what I would expect to be caryophyllene. There’s a cooling touch as a sweet, earthy brown sugar cookie terp develops nicely.

It’s clear that this strain has got some power to it, but I think too much oxygen got to this bud before I did. As a result, I wasn’t able to experience this one as fully intended. Picking up the notes to do a proper review wasn’t a problem, but the lack of terps and humidity were. I do think a double-seal would really help here. Even though this experience was a miss for me that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t recommend it. In fact, if you get the chance to score a fresh, sticky batch I bet this flower will be gold.

The Fire Scale:

5 🔥🔥🔥🔥