Bacio Gelato by Sherbinskis


Bacio Gelato (#41)




Sunset Sherbert x Thin Mints GSC


Basically no info – 22% THC 0% CBD




Dr. Greenthumbs Los Angeles


$60+ taxes


Mint, Tobacco, Dead Skunk, Pink Peppercorn, hint of Shaved Parmesan.


Med/small sized nugs. Thick coat of kiefy frost. Humidity okay, but not sticky. Nice trim/manicure.


Dry Pull: Sour Black Pepper Mentos

Combustion: Clove, Sweaty Children, Dark Chocolate, Coffee, light Gas.

Vapor: Tiramisu, Sour Gas.


Medium Strength – Wraparound head pressure with light focus on temples and heavy behind the eyes. Light body euphoria is present, but not necessarily sedative. For me, uplifting, imaginative, and dreamy.


This flower and grower need no introduction. At this point, Gelato is legendary, and a contemporary classic. But, I’ve never had the flower from the team of the creator, so I felt I needed to at least pay my dues and pick up a jar.

The nose on Bacio is fudgy, with deep, creamy mixed nut funk sludging through a sea of peppery carcasses. A sprig of mint hovers above the surface of the musky odor. I would say the volume is somewhere around a five. This is pretty mellow.

Buds aren’t half-bad. As I break it up, more of that trashy umami pepper notes start to uncover. But, this lacks resin. I like at least a little glue left on my fingers, some aroma so I definitely see a lot of room for improvement here.

The smoke is as rich as the nose. It’s creamy, yet holds a defining dark, cacao nib-infused gas from beginning to end. I’m surprised this is not more nutty. I really expected a big, ground hazelnut flavor. I’m a little let down.

Vapor holds more of those traditional notes that I was searching for. At 350°F and below I’m picking up coffee bean, nutmeg, whipped cream, and hazelnut on top of the lingering sour gas. Definitely solid.

Yet, I have to note… between both combustion and vapor there is a weird BO, bad breath, pre-pubescent stank that hits my tongue. Like I’ve walked into a boys cabin at a junior high summer camp. These kids need a shower.

Honestly, I didn’t expect my emotions to be so mixed, yet here we are. Maybe this was an off batch? Maybe it wasn’t? Are we at a point in time where it could be said, “You missed the boat?” Similar to the experience we had with Payton before Mad Cow stepped in? Or maybe Sherbinskis is just too big of a commercial entity now to put out quality? I dunno, cause the quality is fine, but not remarkable like I’d expect.

The Fire Scale:

4 🔥🔥🔥🔥