Olive Wagyu by The Rare LA


Olive Wagyu


The Rare LA


Biscotti x Gushers


36.21% Total Cannabinoids




Cana Harbor


$60+ taxes


Grana Padano, Expired Fruit, Rotting Mint, Acetone, Rubber Pepper core.


Med/small nugs. Tightly bound, dense nugs. Not terribly attractive. More kief, less crystals. Nice manicure, okay trim. Great humidity, bud is not sticky at all.


Dry Pull: Musky Fruit Leather

Combustion: Gassy Mothballs, Nail Polish Remover, touch of Rubber, lingering Hashy Smoke.

Vapor: Cheesy Gas, Sweet Pine, lingering Wet Leather Musk.


Medium Strength – Euphoric body high. Relaxing with some couch-lock effects. Slightly hazy, cranial pressure.


On a recent trip to Canaharbor I decided to take a chance on something new, and this Olive Wagyu, a recent drop from The Rare LA, sounded promising. I’ve been craving some savory, meaty terps, so a flower that is named after one of the finest types of meat should be pretty good. Even though my last experience with Tiramisu was sour, I decided to The Rare another shot based upon a few recommendations.

Olive Wagyu has a deliciously loud nose. The cheesy musk, and dark, sun-dried fruit leather notes lead me to believe this is some sort of Gelato cross (I went in blind for this review, researching the lineage after my write-up.) As I breathe a little deeper, a mild musty mint emerges, crossed with light, astringent paint remover on the backend.

While the buds hold nice terps and humidity, they aren’t the most pleasant to look at. The little nugs that came in my pack are more kiefy than sticky, and the exterior trichs hold moderate sparkle. Still, the budstructure makes sense for the lineage for a Biscotti dominant cross, so I don’t expect too much pizzazz.

The throat hit is heavy on the inhale, while the exhale brings a a naphthalene-like kerosene to fill up my mouth. Wine connoisseurs will recognize this, as it is a coveted aroma that is found in well-aged Rieslings. A bit of melted tire hits my tongue before shifting gears to a lingering hashy note – the same taste I get when I blow out my palate from coughing.

At 450°F, the flavor is a bit more like the nose. Surprisingly, a bit of those parmesan terps come through in a musky form. A touch of dried, dark fruit. A big heap of sour fuel. Lastly, a fresh, wet leather note is a little cliffhanger on my palate – holding on tight, but just barely.

I just have one big gripe. This flower tastes/smells nothing like Olive Wagyu, or any of the terps that it might suggest. Why rename Biscotti x Gushers to something that is so far removed from that volatile spectrum, and then keep the lineage from showing up on the package?

The thing is, I was actually trying to avoid picking up another gelato cross, but since the budtender and I had no idea what was in it, and since I can’t smell packages in store anymore, well here we are… another fucking Gelato review. While this whole thing taints my experience, the flower is fine, and if you’re looking to try Biscotti x Gushers but don’t wanna fork out the money for Connected, you should be pleased.

The Fire Scale:

5 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

I will note that this one bounces back and forth between a 5 and 6 for me. I believe if I had some more data at point of purchase this would have been a 6 for sure.