Tina by Exotic Genetix




Exotic Genetix


Constantine x Triple OG


32.81% Total Cannabinoids




Calma West Hollywood


$55+ taxes


Cornmeal, Library Books, hint of Woodsy Pine, Onion Straw.


Med/large nugs – Nice nug selection. Nice trim, but manicure could be better. Low humidity. Terp volume: 3


Dry Pull: Coriander

Combustion: Onion Earth, Celery, Butane Dryer Sheet, Hops, lingering Gassy Play-Doh.

Vapor: Sweet Cream, touch of Pine, Paint Thinner, lingering Corn Tortilla.


Moderately Heavy Strength – Stoney, hazy head high w/ pressure behind the eyes. Strong body high w/o sedative effects.


Exotic Genetix Mike is in a league of contemporary legendary growers. While the business started out of pure love for the plant, and as a service to other growers who were having mildew and pest problems, it has now turned into a thriving enterprise. My last review with Rainbow Chip was alright, but so many of you recommend I try Tina… so he we are. Let’s open this up.

Judging from the lineage, I would expect Tina to be another standard OG cross, but oh boy, was I mistaken. If I didn’t know any better I would assume that this is a GMO cross. Up front, it’s got a musty onion ring and poopy, fertilizer aroma going on. Aye, kids these days and their manure terps. Picking up that library book note turns slightly woody, with the lightest scent of pine needles, but it’s super light. I would say that the nose is extremely muted on this jar, around a 3 in volume.

Gorgeous looking nugs here. The trichs dance and sparkle in the light, but the humidity has much room for improvement. This was opened only 3 weeks after packaging date so the terps should have been great on this jar. So, I threw a boveda in this one and came back to it a few weeks later to see if it came back to life. It was mildly successful.

Smoke is a little heavy on the throat, with the inhale being nondescript. The exhale delivers an earthy, fried onion up front, slowly churning into a salty, gassy profile. There’s little bits of butane, gas exhaust, and celery root that all collide together to linger on the palate similar to a pine-injected Play-Doh. If you never took a bite of Play-Doh as a kid I can only describe it as salty, with a slight paint thinner note. Who knew my idiotic childhood behavior would come in handy one day?

At 340°F and below the flavor opens up a little, but not enough to really call this a flavorful flower. The paint thinner has a bit more detail, the pine that I would have expected from an OG starts to peek through, and overall, creamy. An odd, masa-like terp comes out to linger – never had that before.

Where Tina really shines is its potency. Personally, I found this one to be moderately heavy, leaning towards “indica-type” effects: Body euphoria and heavy limbs, really nice for trying to knock out at the end of the night.

Even though my experience fell rather flat with this one I have heard too many great things about Exotic Genetix to write them off completely. I do have another jar of Luxuriotti waiting for me to crack into, so we will see. For now, I’d recommend this one if you’re just looking for potency, as the flavor was severely lacking.

The Fire Scale:

5 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

I have a strong feeling that if the bud was fresh, this would score much higher.