Scooby Snacks by Flavors


Scooby Snacks




Platinum GSC x Face Off OG


32.411% Total Cannabinoids




Lemonnade Arleta


$60+ taxes


Sunflower Seed, Stanky Mixed Berry, Particle Board, Asbestos, Savory Pepper core.


Med-sized nugs. Humidity is fine, manicure is okay. Pear-shaped, dense bud.


Dry Pull: Pistachio Pepper

Combustion: Pie Crust, Underripe Boysenberry, Earthy Spice, Woody Cream.

Vapor: Beer Cheese, slight Pine & Mint finish.


Above-Average – Smooth body high. Peaceful and sedative. Focused mind. Tranquil and slightly hazy. Great for meditation and sleep.


I’d been eyeing the Flavors brand for a couple months now. My attention was caught by these striking bags, of course. But, my curiosity arose when I saw that they were coming out with some flavors that were pretty unique. This particular cultivar, Scooby Snacks, was originally bred by Archive Seed Bank, and I just love their genetics. Even though I suspect that Flavors is just a white-labeling company, I still am eager to see what’s inside.

Volume is around around a 5 when I first open the pack. There a smooth, nutty profile like crushed sunflower seeds. The presence of berry is easily noted, as it carries a musty, almost sour cheese quality to it, without fully going there. A deeper breath exposes some stale particle board notes, like I’m disassembling an old, dusty dresser – with a touch of asbestos. My senses are delighted, and relieved to find something a big different than what I’ve been consuming as of late.

I do wish that I had gotten to this pack a bit sooner, its been almost two months since I picked it up. Not too bad. I am getting through my current supply with a bit more urgency, so we will have some fresh fresh 1/8ths for reviews coming within the next week. Breaking open the bud reveals that savory, meaty pepper note that I crave. While I wouldn’t call the bud malleable, it isn’t nearly at the point of crumbling yet.

Inhale is moderately smooth, supporting a flakey, pie-crust note – there’s a little yeast and some dough that merge together here. The exhale delivers a subtle, slightly tart, dark berry experience. Flavor starts to turn to sweet earth, with a hint of nutmeg to it, followed by a sawdust-like, milky half & half note. Really digging this.

From 330°F to 370°F there’s slight nuances that are exposed, with the lower temps providing a small cooling pine, while the higher temp settles into a wheaty beer cheese profile. Slightly skunky, mellow.

The effect isn’t mild, but not quite at heavy strength just yet. Looks like the trichs could have used a couple extra days of developing, as these trichs look a little clear under the magnifying glass.

All in all, I liked this flower. It didn’t blow me away, but this was a most welcome terp profile in a sea of flower that all looks and tastes the same. I don’t think I would take another gamble on Flavors, though. I reached out to them about procuring lab results and they “saw” my message but then decided not to respond at all. Poor communication from a company is a big red flag in my book. In fact, Google literally brings up zero results for “Flavors CA cannabis brand”, among other search terms. Nevertheless, still a positive experience with the Scooby Snacks.

The Fire Scale:

6 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥