Unruly by Blem Vibe x Cali Lotus




Blem Vibe x Cali Lotus


91 OG Kush Phenotype


32.04% Total Cannabinoids

Top Terpenes:

Myrcene, Limonene, Caryophyllene.




Calma West Hollywood


Samples directly from Blem/Cali Lotus


$70+ taxes


Classic OG Pine Kush, hint of Lemon Sugar Cookie. Freshwater. Funky Pepper core. Woodsy Pine resin. *See overall notes*


Extra large nug plus a medium. Fantastic nug selection. Gorgeous budstructure. Perfect trim, manicure, and cure.


Dry Pull: Woodsy Sour Pine

Combustion: classic OG Pine Kush, Sweet Earthy Hops, drops of Fuel, slight freshly Roasted Coffee Bean *See overall notes below*

Vapor: slight Grass, touch of Fuel, hint of Citrus, Milky Pine Needles. Perfect.


Above-Average-Med/Strong Strength – Uplifting, euphoric head buzz. Relaxed body, joyous spirit, creative energy. No couch-lock.


Pull up a seat, roll one, and lean back, cause this is gonna be a long review…

TLDR: I had two batches and one was good, while the other was sublime.

For those of you that don’t care to read my full reviews there ya go, saved ya some time. For those of you that are interested in my experience, read along.

Unruly OG has been my #1 most anticipated flower to get my hands on for the better part of last year. Unfortunately, each time there was a fresh drop it would sell out before I had heard about it. On the opposite side of the spectrum, the shop that did have it on hand has this batch that was packaged in September. I fully understood the risk I was taking, considering that at this point in time, Blem does not use double-seals on their jars. *Side note-I was told that there will be in the future* Anyways, I assumed that the 1/8th I was picking up from the dispo would probably be too parched for me to do a proper review, but I just had to try it anyway… for science.

The nose on this jar is mostly muted, but what’s left is extremely pleasant. I’m getting that indescribable OG Kush aroma that is so often poorly imitated by novelty cannabis candy and candles, but this is the real deal. It’s sweet, pine-focused, with just a hint of lemon sugar cookie. On the back end there’s this unique freshwater, almost hot shower-like smell. I’m happy, yet heartbroken at the same time that this bud wasn’t bought sooner by someone else, so that it could be enjoyed to its fullest.

As far as the bud structure, this is picturesque. I can’t think of a better looking OG pheno that I’ve held in my hand. This is right up there with the absolute best of them. The only problem is the fact that a firm squeeze reduces the flower down to a crumbling powder.

Combustion hits my throat with a smidgen of irritation, but not terrible. The flavor, albeit soft and subtle, is just wonderful. I pick up lush cannabis leaf hops, with a classic old skool kushy pine that is present. Initially, disappoint sets in because if the herb tasted this good in this condition, I can only imagine how good this must taste with an ultra fresh batch. Guess that will have to wait though, as I had no intention of picking up another 1/8th to compare and contrast. Especially at the price these go for.

At 330Β°F-360Β°F is where the most concentrated, focused flavor flourishes. Here, all the expected flavors are present: pine, citrus, hops, slight grass, and a touch of fuel. Each note completely balanced, like a perfect 8-ingredient cocktail, with each flavor merging into the next, and never overpowering. So while combustion left me with a bit to be desired, the vapor quality was absolutely tremendous.

Effects are clean, smooth, and relaxing. It’s the kind of OG that certainly knocks you back, but not down. It’s uplifting, stoney, and brings a smile to my face. Both body and cerebral effects are present.

So here I am, wrapping up my review, lefy with mixed feelings. Clearly, this product is cultivated with extreme precision, but too much oxygen got the better of this bud. I was just about ready to post, ultimately deciding on a 6 for #thefirescale – which is a good score, but obviously there is some room for improvement with great potential. That’s when Blem told me that I would be expecting a care package.

A few days later the parcel arrived and wouldn’t you know it… a fresh batch of Unruly OG was inside. Here we go.

As soon as I lift the lid on this jar I can already tell that this is different. The aroma hits me before I’m even able to draw close. I audibly exclaim, “Oh my God.” There’s a certain “magic” aroma here that is present that I haven’t had for maybe 12-13 years. This aroma, is that very, very special “91 OG” splash of fragrance that is just complete unmatched, and almost impossible to describe, but I’ll try. It’s “dark” if that makes any sense… No it doesn’t so I’ll elaborate. It’s got a slight roasted coffee, walnut, “fresh” quality to it that arrests my senses, transporting me back to the good ol’ prop 215 days. The time where I could get this level of quality any day of the week from the 91 crosses @wickedgardens. Do I ever miss that time. Anyways, this nose is spectacular.

As far as bud structure, selection, manicure, and trim go, this is just as perfect as the 1/8th I purchased. Where they differ, is the humidity/cure. This flower is coated in sticky resin on the inside and out. The dense bud has a perfect squish to it, leaving tons of woodsy pine glue left on my fingers for me to enjoy. The stem keeps a crisp snap when broken apart. It doesn’t get any better than this.

The inhale via combustion is velvety smooth, containing a drop of gas that hits the back of my throat, while palate takes on the sour pine. This only develops further on the exhale, maintaining its previous profile while adding intensity, along with light citrus peel. That kushy pine settles in between the other flavors like they’ve all plopped onto a loveseat together. This is it. This is the flavor I’ve been trying to hunt down.

Oddly enough, vapor is exactly the same quality in terms of flavor. Interesting that this freshness really only impacted combustion levels of temperature. Which explains why I’ve been having much more positive experiences as of late with those dried out jars I’ve been having to sludge through. The effect is slightly amplified, taking this into medium and heavy strength territory. Couch lock symptoms start to kick in. Muscle relaxation, and some sedation.

This is what the best OG’s in the world smell, look, and taste like. It’s the staple for how good weed can be, and should be. Unfortunately, if you walk through hundreds of dispos in LA you will tear through thousands of 1/8ths before you can find anything close that matches this level of quality. And even then I don’t know if you will, which leads me to my last point.

The jar I got from the dispo was a 6, but the flower that I was gifted is a 10. Of course, like I previously mentioned, I knew what I was getting myself into buying an 1/8th that was just over the 3 month mark, so I took that into consideration. So here’s the skinny… if you can find this Unruly OG hot off the press from the dispo, there’s a chance that it could be as good. If you’re able to track this down in the traditional market then that would be a high recommendation as well. But, if you see this out on the shelf, and this goes for pretty much all the other flower that has been matured to this point, it’s probably best that you just wait until you can seize the opportunity to procure a fresh drop. Also that Jet Fuel from Cali Lotus was bangin’, too. This Unruly OG though, is among the best flowers I’ve ever had.

Thanks Blem & Cali Lotus for letting me experience how truly great your flower can be.

The Fire Scale:

9 πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

**Testing results are from the 10/16 packaging drop, but still applicable for the most part for top terpenes.**