Z41 by Cali Kush Farms




Cali Kush Farms


Gelato 41 x Zkittlez


31.46% Total Cannabinoids




The Kind Center




Butyric Acid, Rotten Fruit, Sour Dairy, Keratolysis, Juniper, Candied Pepper Grapefruit core.


Large/med nugs – Great selection. Perfect humidity, cure, trim, manicure. Royal purple, with a cloak of shimmering trichs.


Dry Pull: Lavender Pepper

Combustion: Creamy Leather, Vanilla Custard, Sweet Tarts, lingering Earthy Dryer Sheet.

Vapor: Carbonated Musk, Decomposing Philly Cheesesteak, lingering rich Gassy Pine.


Above-Average Strength – Leans towards relaxing body high with tingling limbs. A hazy head high with wraparound head pressure is also present.


We’re back from our Gelato moratorium with a brand new flower from Cali Kush, Z41. I’m ready for that candy musk, let’s do it.

Initially, the nose on this jar is dominated by a rich, dark cacao base. Some sour gas is present. Expired, muddled blackberry and an overall creaminess. After a few days of curing and breaking up the bud over multiple sessions, the nose really started to change. It became funky, sour, rotten, sweet, and layered. This has got some sexy terps goin’ on, holding a volume of 6-7 depending on the day.

Humidity is perfect, extremely malleable, and breaks down into a rich hue resembling a crushed Orchid flower. I do wish there was some stickiness to it though – this leaves my fingers dry and untouched by the terpenes. Still, this is an A+ for budstructure and composition. My pictures don’t do these buds justice, they are stacked wall to wall with crystals.

Similar to the aroma experience, flavor shaped and shifted throughout my review process. At first, through combustion, my palate judged Z41 as nothing more than an ultra creamy, smooth 41 cut. It was a touch gassy, but took on a delicate vanilla ice cream texture and tone. Really nice. After another two days of working with it I began to notice the Z starting to bleed through. Ultimately, it settles in between the leather and custard, providing a tart candy chalk, similar to a handful of mixed flavored Sweet Tarts. Don’t forget that little bit of sour foot that gets thrown in the mix every now and then. Again, this one is a big flavor-seeker.

The material was a bit too humid for the vape on first open, but I’m not complaining about that at all. So if you’re vaping, just burp it for a couple days and bring down that temp to around 340°F. Expect a citric acid musk, similar to a soda pop, followed by some rotten, cheesy gelato terps. A bit of decomposed Angus beef and American cheese hit me for a moment before settling into a smooth, classic sour pine and diesel notes. If you’re vaping, you’re sure to be pleased. And possibly pick up more terps than I have listed here.

To round it out, effects are moderately strong for this old soul. For me, the experience is smooth, long lasting, and extremely relaxing. This category is always the most difficult for me to judge, but I’d feel pretty confident saying this one smacks.

I’m really impressed by this Z41 – it’s a definite winner. Thanks again to CFK and The Kind Center for hooking it up for this review 🔥🙏🔥

The Fire Scale:

8 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥