Amarena de Limon by Don Merfos Exotics x Gerber Herbz x Miami Gardenz


Amarena De Limon


Don Merfos Exotics x Miami Gardenz x Gerbs Herbz


Lemon Cherry Gelato #7






Parmesan, Lemon Rind Fuel, Maraschino Rubber, Ammonia.


Small nugs, which is common for LCG. Drenched in white kief. Humidity is fine, manicure/trim all good. Bud breaks down into a powder, also common for LCG.


Dry Pull: Passionfruit Pulp

Combustion: Lemon Peel Laundry Sheet, Cherry Slushie, Biting Butane.

Vapor: Lemonade Jelly Belly, Cherry Honey Ricola, Pink Eraser.


Heavy Strength – For me, leans towards body high dominant. Sedative, heavy limbs, weighted chest. Head high feels a bit zonky with scattered thoughts.


While Leafly might have named Runtz the 2020 strain of the year, out here in California it sure feels like the past 12 months have been dominated by Lemon Cherry Gelato and its crosses. And well deserved. It’s an excellent flower that packs a punch, has a ton of flavor, attractive genetics, and is starting to become the base for some of the most exciting crosses in the current market (#33, Red Velvet, Candela, Haupia, among others.) Today we have Amarena De Limon, an LCG pheno that has quickly received high praise. Naturally, I wanted to see how this one is different than the rest. And away we go.

Suggestion: You might want to refer to my previous LCG reviews if you haven’t read them already as I will be comparing and contrasting from those notes.

The nose on ADL is quite powerful, but not nearly as musky or cheesy as previous versions of LCG. Instead, this one decides to push the lemon terps onto center stage. It’s very sweet, almost like a jelly bean but still maintaining that rind quality. A bit of ammonia hits me before turning sweet and fruity, with a hint of that cherry smelly marker coming in. It blends with some rubber residing on the backend.

This particular pheno might be the frostiest of them all, with it’s small, yet attractive leaves sprouting a wealth of jagged trichs. Humidity is to commended, as its the best I’ve received of its class, even though it does break down into a powdery crumble. That just seems to be how all these LCG phenos work, I’m not complaining, just mentioning it.

Inhale is extra thick, providing a heavy irritating butane gas that starts on the roof of my mouth. The exhale really jams up those astringent lemon terps, while a touch of cherry Jolly rancher makes a brief appearance before coming back to that gas. The gas only continues where it left off on the inhale, providing a base for the lemon, and light cherry terps to glide through. Yet, that butane starts to turn dryer sheet, and closes up the back of my throat. This raw sensation lingers around for almost a full minute. Heavy smoke for sure.

At 440°F, on the drag, I can feel the weight of the vapor hit the back of my throat with the same sensation I had with combustion. The lemon terps turns to lemonhead territory here. For a brief moment the cherry sharpie turns soft and rich before settling into a smell that reminds me of a worn down, pink rubber school eraser.

So, how did this one stack up the rest of the LCG lineup? On a side by side comparison, they both all have their strengths and weaknesses. In this case, I found ADL to be the most potent of the bunch, lemon-dominant, and the best humidity I’ve had. Great job to the cultivation team, I really enjoyed it.

The Fire Scale:

7 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥