Biplato 2.0 by Terpene Gas Co.


Biplato 2.0


Terpene Gas Co.


Gelato 41 x Runtz




Sample was given to me directly from the grower




Worn Leather, Shoe Polish, Organic Fruit Roll-Ups, Tropical Citrus Floor Cleaner, touch of Fresh Linen.


Med-sized nugs. Excellent humidity, trim, manicure. Not sticky bud.


Dry Pull: Musky Mouthwash

Combustion: Rotten juicy berry, bit of lingering Hoppy Sour Gas.

Vapor: Hawaiian Punch, Musky Peppermint.


Average Strength. Fuzzy, euphoric head high, with an equally matched body experience. Slighty hazy cognition. Tranquil state of being.


Last year, I gave high accolades to Terpene Gas Co.’s Raspberry Sorbet. Now, we’re checking out Biplato 2.0 – Shoutout to @tgc_415 for hooking it up for a review 🍃⛽

Initially, I pick up strong notes of worn leather, rotten berry, with a touch of fruity floor cleaner. It reminiscent of other 41 crosses, without the the musky, cheesy, nutty gas notes one might expect to find. Volume level: 7 – this is nice and loud.

Breaking open the bud reveals some more notes of sweet stone fruit. It’s dense, but the great humidity makes this easy enough to pull off the stem. A healthy amount of crystals adorn the flower, but it’s not overly striking. B+ score.

Rarely do I find any flavor on the inhale, but on BP2.0 I can already note the juicy fruit notes starting to pop out. The exhale continues this candy artifical berry tone, with the addition of hops, and a lingering sour gas, with just a touch of pine on the backend.

At 440°F is really where these terps come to life. On my first exhale, I was absolutely shocked by succulent fruit punch notes bursting through – exactly like a room temp Hawaiian Punch with hints of cherry, grape, and other mixed artificial fruit. A hint of sour, stanky peppermint comes in to linger, and finish off the palate experience.

Effects slightly lean towards “indica”, but would be better classified as an even keeled hybrid, or an anytime smoke. I’m left slightly dazed, relaxed, and tranquil.

In a sea of Gelato crosses, Biplato 2.0 might be washed away with the others for some, but I remains unique enough to call its own. I haven’t had a Gelato cross that has has these juicy, artifical berry flavors in such a concentrated form. I think this would make an excellent live resin/rosin.

The Fire Scale:

7 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥