Tiramisu by The Rare LA




The Rare LA


Wedding Cake x Dolato


36% Total Cannabinoids




Lemonnade Arleta


$60+ taxes


Fish Food, Seaweed, Vegetal Astringency (in bag), Earthy Orange Chocolate.


Med/large nugs. Light hairs, clear trichs, parched. Trim/manicure is just fine. C-


Dry Pull: Agave

Combustion: Creamy Chocolate Cream Puff, Bay Leaf, lingering Wet Vegetation.

Vapor: Shaved Nutmeg, Cracked Coriander, Earthy & Wet Grass. Agricole Blanc, Matcha.


Average Strength – Expect a relaxing, easy-going, body high, coupled with some pressure around the temples and behind the eyes.


What exactly is top shelf? Is it referring to price? Potency? Exclusivity? Well, I’ll tell you one thing that it definitely does NOT mean anymore. And that’s quality.

“bUt i PaId tOp dOlLhAir”

Sorry, that doesn’t matter anymore.

Just because weed is priced higher does not mean it is better. It’s just priced higher. Unfortunately there is a strong correlation between quality and price, as 99%+ of mid-tier priced herb in dispos should just be thrown in the trash. But that’s enough rant for today. Let’s get into this review and we can pick this up in the comment section.

I tore open this pack with @fourscore420 – creator of Funyunnz and an all around awesome dude – in between rounds of tiki cocktails. I think we had just finished a Jet Pilot and were ready to sample some new flavors.

Unfortunately, the nose was extremely muted, but what was left of the aroma reminded us of hay, vegetation, and fish food flakes. I packed a bowl, noted the parched composition and nose, and took a rip. Harsh, spicy butane. We decided to open another pack right after, and I threw a 62% boveda in it, tossed it to the back of the headstash for a couple weeks and now, we’re back.

After proper humidification, the aroma did come back a little. I picked up a deep cacao note with a hint of orange rind. It totally reminds me of those dark chocolate oranges that you smash on the table to break into slices.

The smoke is a bit smoother the second time around, and doesn’t have quite the same bite that it did before. The exhale has trace notes of that chocolate from the nose, but any pleasurable terps instantly surrender to make way for grassy, boiled sugar cane, a big earthy spice, and more wet vegetation.

At 340°F, this flavor becomes even more pronounced, sans the chocolate notes. This is a full frontal assault on my senses, dragging them through damp fields of swamp and the foul aroma of foreign pot still distillation techniques that are usually found in third-world countries.

Oddly enough, thhis vegetal astringency was sort of inspiring. I was reminded of some of my best bottles of rhum agricole blanc. If you’re not familiar with rhum agricole, it is a spirit that can only be legally made on the tiny French island of Martinique – much like Champagne only coming from the Champagne region of France. While rum is traditionally made by distilling molasses, this particular alcohol is made with pure sugar cane, which includes the husks and other vegetation from the land. The result is an unmistakable, unique aroma/taste that you will never forget. And today, it came up in my cannabis review notes, with quite ferocity.

So, I made lemons into lemonade. I took a few nugs that I would rather not smoke, tossed it into 2 oz. of rhum for 36 hours and made myself a Ti’ Punch – the staple drink for rhum agricole. The same way that Cachaca is for a Capraihaina, or Gin to a Gimlet.

Ti’ Punch recipe as follows:

2 oz. rhum agricole blanc (I used Neisson, but Clement or J.M. will be just fine, too.)

Teaspoon Martinique sugarcane syrup (2:1 simple will do in a pinch)

Squeeze of lime

No ice (I added ice though lol)

Traditionally, the consumer will build his own drink in a glass, and is referred to with the phrase, “chacun prépare sa propre mort” which, roughly translated, means “each prepares his own death.”

It was a success, as I found that the herb did add a light hops element to the spirit. I don’t believe I felt any additional effects from the herb that was soaked, but I was stoked to finally be able to try this experiment.

All in all, and after speaking with The Rare, I’ve come to the conclusion that this was just a bad batch. The notes that I received are hardly in line with the intended terp profile. I was especially bummed cause a few followers reached out via DM to tell me how much they enjoyed this flower. Oh well, maybe next time.

The Fire Scale:

Tiramisu – 2 🔥🔥

Ti’ Punch – 7 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥