Pink Picasso by Wonderbrett


Pink Picasso




OZK x Candyland


25% Total Cannabinoids 2.38% Terpenes

Top Terps:

Caryophyllene, Limonene, Linalool.




City Compassionate Caregivers


Usually around $55 or so.


Grandma’s Perfume, Lemon & Blueberry Jellybean, Sour Pine Dryer Sheet, Underripe Lemon core.


Small/med nugs. Not the prettiest bud, trichs are pretty dull. Humidity is not bad for how aged this was. Bud is somewhat dense, but not too compact. Manicure/trim looks fine. C+


Dry Pull: Lemon Peel Perfume

Combustion: Juniper Berries, Meyer Lemon, Pomelo Peel, hint of Bitter Perfume, lingering Dryer Sheet.

Vapor: Floral Dryer Sheet, Sour Pine, Smarties, Candy Orange Slice.


Mild-Average Strength – Calm, Focused, Serene. Light muscle relaxation. For me, excellent for meditation and getting shit done.


With the exception of Grapes of Wrath, I have had extremely positive experiences with Wonderbrett. Attractive packaging, great aroma/flavor, and juicy genetics – I’m a fan. The last time we linked up with WBrett it was for OZK – scroll back to Oct. 16th for that review – and today we procured Pink Picasso, a cross between OZK x Candyland.

It should be noted this bud was around 3 1/2 months past packaging date when it was first opened, so take that into consideration.

From the jar, the nose is slightly muted, but honestly it’s not too bad for the age. Volume is around a 3, but really opened up not only after the breakdown, but also after a week-long Boveda – this was an instance where the humidity pack really helped bring it back to life a bit.

Initially, I pick up a strong, almost bitter, wildly floral, perfume – the kind that Grandma wears. Sweetness is just around the corner, as candied citrus and berry escape. A sour shade is cast overall, complementing the touches of pine and dryer sheet that rise on the backend.

Even though the outside of the bud is as sticky as a pebble, the core has a little glue left inside. Some resin catches my fingers on the breakdown, leaving me with trace notes of underripe lemon, almost lime-like, on my skin.

Both smoke and vapor hit the back my throat on the inhale with a hint of lavender butane, slightly closing up my throat. I’d say most likely from the linalool, which gives off that dryer sheet sensation I’ve described. The exhale really starts to push that sour candy citrus forward, rather than relying on any juicy berry notes from the nose. Dry berries in the form of juniper is found, and along with the touch of grapefruit and spice totally reminds me of a London Dry Gin, closer to Bombay Sapphire than Plymouth or the light cucumber found in Hendrick’s. A hint of acrid perfume hits my palate just before the lingering dryer sheet takes over.

At 340°F, as you can see in the tasting notes above, the experience is pretty similar, but I do get an additional candy orange slice note that comes in. It’s really nice, surprising, and should not be mistaken for tangie terps – it’s very different.

For me, the effects are a bit weak, but still nice for those times that I want to smoke and get some nice flavor, but won’t mess up your day. Overall, a pretty relaxing experience.

Although this product was pretty old this one gets the strong befit of the doubting, and I’d say this one is definitely worth picking up a fresh batch if you like the sound of these terps and want a mellow, anytime smoke. Wonderbrett is always putting out some fire. What is your favorite Wonderbrett flower?

The Fire Scale:

5 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥