Project 41510 by Grandiflora Genetics


Project 41510


Grandiflora Genetics




25.6% “Total Potential Cannabinoids”




Muzeum Collective




Stinky Cheese, Corn Nuts, hint of Spearmint, Fresh Paint, New Shoe Smell. BiG savory porky/beefy pepper core.


One huge nug w/ couple smalls. Sticky, like glue. Excellent trim/manicure. Fantastic humidity. Extremely dense, with an OG-like budstructure.


Dry Pull: Nutty Dough

Combustion: both Butane, and Sour, sweaty Gas collide, Paint Thinner, Dryer Sheet, BIG lingering Salted Dough.

Vapor: Doublemint Gum, Cannabis Leaf, Sourdough Cake, very light Peanut Skin Gas.


Average Strength – Relaxed body, some sedative effects are present. Slight melting brain effect with temple/eye pressure. Maintains clear headspace.


According to my research, Project 41510 is a bunch of unkown hybrids crossed together – with even its family history unknown to Grandiflora. So I have absolutely no idea what to expect here. This should be fun.

Geez, I was not expecting the nose to be this loud. Volume is locked at 8 and it is pumping out a steady flow of stanky terps. I found a copious amount of blue and gouda cheese, with ground Original Corn Nuts on the front end. A hint of spearmint is on the backend. Lastly, a second light pull brought me that new shoe smell, which has a nice hint of fresh rubber in it, and oddly enough, and light coat of fresh paint. After a couple days of curing, the whole aroma turned into a burnt pine, like someone lit a Christmas tree on fire.

A giant, beautiful, sticky nug made up most of this pack, with a few smalls to bring it up to weight. Within the last seven months, three out of four packs that I’ve opened from Grandiflora has had, in my opinion, absolute perfect humidity.

Inhale has got quite a bite to it, hitting the back of my throat with some minty butane, while the exhale pushes both sour and perspired gas in with the mix. On the front, there’s a hint of lavender paint thinner, before concluding into a wallop of gassy, over-seasoned pretzel dough. Imagine this profile is a 7-layer cake, and each layer is a slightly different variation on fuel/gas/diesel/butane – it’s a bit much.

Initially, at 440°F, I pick up sweet spearmint, pound cake, and a bit of nutty gas between these essences. Lastly, I also a cannabis leaf flavor in there that reminded me of the aroma that escapes a crock pot as shake and trim are made into cannabutter.

Effects are nice and relaxing, but not anything to write home about. While the nose is plenty loud, this doesn’t transfer over to the palate with much success. For flavor, I didn’t experience anything more than a symphony of gas, and I just think that’s little boring. Nowadays I’m seeking flower that has a spectrum of flavor rather than a single adjective. But overall, I liked it.

The Fire Scale:

6 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥