Cyattie by Blem Vibe x Cali Lotus




Blem Vibe x Cali Lotus


Gelato x Mochi


36.3% Total Cannabinoids






N/A – this 1/8th was given to me directly from Blem/Cali Lotus


Old Foot, Decomposing Berries, Velveeta, Taro. Savory beef ramen core.


As always, fantastic nug selection. This 1/8th was comprised of one large nug, and a few smalls. Great trim, manicure, and cure. Humidity is a little low.


Dry Pull: Tart Musk

Combustion: Creamy Spoiled Fruit, Sweet Floral Dough, Sour Diesel.

Vapor: Mentos, Sour Foot, Lime, Diesel.


Average Strength – Light body sedation, some pressure on temples and bridge of my nose. Peaceful, with some muscle relief.


After favorable impressions with Boasy and Jet Fuel, I’d been looking for Cyattie, but it never seemed to be in stock anywhere around me. So I was totally stoked when @blemvibe & @cali_lotus included this 1/8th of Cyattie in with my care package, thank you again.

Soon as I pop open the jar to this one I am greeted by a stanky, sour berry cheesecake aroma. There’s a hint of keratolysis, bowling alley nacho cheese, sweet potato and a strange note on the backend… this one reminded me of a similar smell when visiting a frozen yogurt shop. A specific topping, those little white balls of sweet rice… I’ll be damn, it’s mochi. I’ve mentioned before how I hate to be influenced by the name of the strain, but this is shockingly accurate. Good stuff, volume is about a 5-6.

I just feel blessed with every jar I’ve opened from this team. Nug selection is always on point, as there’s always one standout champion nug that is perfect for pictures. Well, my stupid ass somehow deleted the first photoshoot that I did without saving them. Ayyeee. So, the pics you see are from the second shoot I did. Unfortunately I had already begun to breakdown the papa bear nug, so that’s why this one looks a little hacked. Trust me, it was perfect, a little parched intitally, but a boveda did wonders to this flower, bringing back some humidity and some terps that I thought had vanquished. On the breakdown, there’s a big savory, beefy umami pepper core that shoots out. Very nice.

At first, I tried Cyattie through the vape at 340Β°. I was surprised that it wasn’t kicking harder, as a light chewy mint flavor cooled my mouth, while a little bit of that sour foot came back, along with some citrus in the form of lime, and lingering diesel. Not bad.

However, combustion really took the spotlight today with this flower. The whole experience is smooth, with a hint of funky cream, some old, underripe berries that were left out in the sun for a couple days, and a hint of flowery dough. And then, as if by magic, lingering, rich sour diesel. Totally reminds me of the same gassy diesel that I got from Whoa-Si-Whoa, and that’s a huge compliment. Flavor is on point, here. Shame it didn’t come through with the vapor as much.

All in all, I really liked this flower and would give it an enthusiastic recommendation. The price, is a little high, but in this case, you get what you pay for. And that’s quality.

The Fire Scale:

7 πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯