Frosted Donuts by CloneGuy Industries


Frosted Donuts


Clone Guy Industries


Gelato x OG




Calma West Hollywood


$45+ taxes


Rubber, Nutmeg, Anise Taffy, Tattoo Ink, Purple Smelly Marker, Musty Powdered Sugar.


Gigantic nug w/ a few smalls. 3.91g scale. Ultra frosty, gorgeous nug. Manicure and trim are excellent. Perfect nug selection. Humidity is WAY too high.


Dry Pull: Nondescript

Combustion: Very Earthy, Pretty Spicy, Flavorless Fondant.

Vapor: Cooling Mint, Butane Cream.


Mild-Average Strength. Relaxing body buzz. Some light head pressure. Anytime, session smoke.


Clone Guy Industries might be new to the regulated market, but this cultivation team has been working hard behind-the-scenes for over twenty years. Their flower came highly recommended to me, so while I was shopping at Calma, I figured I’d swoop a pack to check out. So, without further ado, Frosted Donuts.

First off, before we even get into the nose, I gotta mention the construction/design of the bag. The art is definitely eye-catching, playful, and I’m expecting a dessert-like terp profile. The size of the bag is just too tight for the bud that is inside, it’s virtually shrinkwrapped in. It takes me about 3 minutes to extract the nug from the pack. And good Lord, this frosty, gorgeous, nug is a behemoth. There were a couple smalls thrown in, but they weren’t even necessary, because the one nug weighed out to 3.65 while the rest of the smalls rounded me up to 3.91. Talk about hooking it up on the scale.

As far as the nose goes, it’s not too aggressive, volume is around 4. Overall, it’s kinda sweet, like melted down powdered sugar. There’s some rubber and aromatic spice, coupled with a hint of black licorice taffy. On the backend, that’s where things get weird. I’ve only experienced this smell while getting long-session tattoos. It’s the smell of bleach, blood, green soap, and ink. A slight metallic tang to the whole thing. It’s hard to describe.

Another weird thing… the two smalls that I had in the bag were perfect humidity, and had some decent terps going on. Even though the COA tested this bud at a humidity of 12%, the large nug I received was somehow wet. Very, very moist, spongey, and I could even bend the whole bud lengthwise almost 90Ā° w/o the stem snapping. Something got totally messed up here. It took almost two weeks to let this one cure enough to where it would work in the vape. I reached out to Clone Guy through DM. Their response, “That is very weird…” Umm okay, thanks. šŸ„“

And, while the bud is a head-turner, it falls completely short on flavor. Maybe it has something to do with the humidity. But, I got nothing on the dry pull, and combustion didn’t really give me anything noteworthy. See above for some flavors I was able to pick out.

For me, effects were more on the mild-average side. In summation, I had some average-priced bud that looked wayyy better than it smelled, tasted, and felt. Based on my experience, I’d say this is a hard pass. But, clearly there is some big potential here. Hopefully my pack was just a one-off, but I wouldn’t count on it.

The Fire Scale:

3 šŸ”„šŸ”„šŸ”„