Gushers Pie #3 by Dime Piece Exotics x Uncle Jesse’s Collective


Gushers Pie #3


Dime Bag Exotics x Uncle Jessie’s Collective


Gushers x Rainbow Pie






Mint, Ammonia, Nutty Rubber, Floral Citrus Dryer Sheet.


Large, compact, squishy nug with a medium-small thrown in. Manicure fine/trim could be better. Humidity is a little high. Light spots of mold throughout the bud.


Dry Pull: Tart & Floral Pepper.

Combustion: Grapefruit Dryer Sheet, Berry Candle, Melted Rubber, Nutty Dough.

Vapor: Grandma’s New Blueberry Perfume.


Above Average – Muscle relaxation, some comforting head pressure, loose limbs. For me, body high-dominant with a focused head.


Over the last couple weeks I’ve had a handful of people reach out via DM to recommend I try this Gushers Pie #3 by Dime Bag Exotics. Apparently, the terps are supposed to be flying wild on this one. I have high expectations, so let’s see how it goes.

As promised, the nose on this one is very strong. It’s dominated by a perfume-injected blueberry zkittlez cut, while there’s a hint of musky mint and some rubber that shows up from the Gushers. Definitely a bit of floor cleaner in there to round it all out.

Structurally, the bud looks alright. There’s a handful of trichs that shine, but some seem to have lost their luster. On the breakdown, the bud feels real soft, almost a little too humid. I see a couple white spots here and there near the stem so I break out my jeweler’s loupe to get a closer look. Unfortunately, I spot a healthy amount white webbing spots that indicates, yes, mold has definitely gotten to this herb.

I haven’t mentioned mold whenever I’ve found this in the past, as “Health” of the bud has always been a hidden category for my personal notes… but I think we’re at the point now where companies need to be called out on sending suspect product out there. Sadly, I believe that over 99% of consumers can’t spot mold on their herb. It’s not going to kill you, but it sure isn’t healthy either. Moving on…

Combustion is definitely terp-heavy, as huge notes of citrus peel dryer sheet attack my mouth. There’s a blueberry wax lips note to it, while a hint of melted tire and funky dough interplay for a moment, but are not match for the bitter perfume that resides on my mouth afterwards. I absolutely hate these cuts of Zkittlez.

Damn, at 340° this Grandma’s perfume staunch is only heightened to its full potential, with the addition of floral blueberry. A hint of cooling mint lingers with some funky dough, but again, Grandma’s new bottle of blueberry perfume is sprayed on heavy.

I know some of you like these terps, but yeah, these aren’t for me. And with this mold issue, I can’t recommend enough that you stay away from this batch.

The Fire Scale:

No Fire