Znickerz by 365 Farms




365 Farms


Peanut Butter Breath x Zerbert






Nail Polish Remover, Spearmint, Grilled Pearl Onion, Edam Cheese, Rotten Nutty Funk, hint of Dryer Sheet.


Medium-large nug and a couple med/smalls. Great humidity, alright trim, nice manicure. Easy to break down, leaves are compact, but not dense. Visual grade – B-


Dry Pull: Sweet Nutty Funk

Combustion: Sweat, Tart & Nutty Gas, Rainbow Striped Gum.

Vapor: Rubber Glove, Smarties Candy, lingering Minty Lemondrop.


Average Strength – For me, felt like a nice hybrid, with a slight lean towards a hazy head, relaxing body high. Tranquil, easy-going.


The names of these strains, and r/sbubby style marketing is as equally comical and entertaining as it is ridiculous. But given the crosses that make up Znickerz, this one actually makes sense. Let’s dive in.

Jackpot. The nose is loud, ultra funky, and complex. Up front, there’s a real dark, nutty dankness to it. That Peanut Butter Breath provides an oily grungy fuel while the Zerbert adds some nail polish remover, anise dryer sheet, and hard cheese to the mix. Lastly, there’s a bit of grilled onion that burns your nose just a bit. Volume is around 8 🤘

Smoke is smooth and savory. The inhale reminds me of some of the more oily cuts of Gelato I’ve had recently, while the exhale starts to dive into those sweaty B.O. terps you might find in Bacio (41) & Gary Payton. The flavor rolls over on the palate to uncover some nutty fuel, tart candy, and a finish of Zebra Rainbow Striped Gum. While the combination sounds hardly appetizing on paper, an educated palate will be thrilled with what’s happening under the hood. It’s a true flavor-seeker.

At 340° and thereabouts, I get a strong white surgical glove taste. The same experience of flavor you get when the dentist starts digging around your mouth with those slight powder-coated gloves. Same as combustion, tart candy makes an appearance before fully settling into a lemondrop lozenge. Lovely lovely.

Do I like the flower? I LIKE THE FLOWER.

This totally met my expectations and earned high marks in nearly every category. If you get a chance to scoop up some, don’t hesitate. This one is a winner. Also, this was my first experience with 365 Farms and Zerbert, so I was super stoked to start out on a good one. Also, I like the bag.

The Fire Scale:

7 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥