Sweetz by Cali Kush Farms




Cali Kush Farms


Karma Sour Diesel x (Guava x Gelato)




The Kind Center


$55+some change


White Bread, Dryer Sheet, Lemon Peel, some Sour Pine, Savory Onion core.


Dense, portly buds. Humidity is alright, trim/manicure are great. Healthy under 60x magnification + blacklight. Dark green and purple hues.


Dry Pull: Tart Grapefruit Jelly-Filled Biscuit

Combustion: Sour Gas & Water, Multi-Fruit Nutrition Bar.

Vapor: White Tea, hint of a Citrus Peel Dryer Sheet.


Average Strength – Inspires a sedentary lifestyle. Wraparound head pressure. Muscle relaxing from arms to shoulders. Sljghtly elevated heart rate.


@therealkindcenter and Cali Kush Farms were so generous to provide me with several 1/8ths to review over the past few months and this one is the last of the bunch. I have to mention that out of all the jars from them I’ve tried, I haven’t found anything mediocre. The quality is extremely consistent, nug selection is always fantastic, and I think it’s one of the best brands for value you can grab on the legal scene. With that being said, let’s bring on the Sweetz.

A sour, yeasty pine rolls out of the jar before giving way to a hint of laundry and lemon zest. On the breakdown, a bit of savory onion escapes. But, the nose is as pleasant as it is muted. Volume is around a 3-4. I’d love to experience these terps on a stadium tour, but right now it’s more of a coffeehouse acoustic jam night.

As far as composition goes, this is a strong B+, and CKF keeps putting out quality jars. There’s just a bit of give on the squeeze, some stickiness inside, and is overall very attractive.

Combustion showcases the Sour Diesel side of this cut, but this is not the mouth-coating freshly pumped NYC Diesel. This is a bit more diluted, leaving space for the dried fruit from the Gelato kids. Personally, I want a little more oomph outta my herb. If only we had those old school cuts still around. Sigh. I haven’t found a good sour d in a long time.

At 330°F the flavor resembles a high-end bag of fine tea leaves. It leans towards a citrus-forward white tea, with the slightest hint of sour pine and dryer sheet to round it out.

At first, I was a little meh on this flower, but after digging into it for a little bit longer, I found that there’s a lot still to love here. Cali Kush Farms does not put out bad weed, let’s make that clear. All I wish is that the terps were a bit more present – I feel like they are just a bit too subdued for my taste.

The Fire Scale:

5 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥