Waupia by ShoppingCarts415






Rainbow Sherbert Bag Seed






Ocean Breeze Yankee Candle, Lemon Pledge Rubber, Vanilla, Anise Ammonia & Pepper core.


Medium-sized nug w/ a few smalls thrown in to round out the weight. Sheer coat of frost with nice humidity. Nice trim, manicure is solid. Flower is packed tight together, breaking off into little purple chunks.


Dry Pull: Musky Smoothie

Combustion: Diesel, Tart Musk, hint of Sweat, Echinacea Root, lingering Creamy Acidic Gas.

Vapor: Fresh Fuel, Tart & Oily Rubber, lingering Sweet Musk.


Above-Average Strength. Reccommended for experienced users, as this one was pretty heavy.


Been looking forward to trying out more of the Haupia line, as I got the opportunity to snag some Haupina a couple months back. At last, I procured some Waupia – a pheno that hails from a Rainbow Sherbert bag seed. You never know what will fall off the tree. Let’s rip open the pack.

ShoppingCarts415 coming in clutch with another playful art design. Although, I will note that it does have many similarities to the Blue Zushi package from my previous review. Not a point against it whatsoever, just noting the coincidence.

As promised, there is quite the tropical oasis in this bag. The nose is delicate, and at first comes across as a muted Sherb cross, but that would be doing it a complete disservice. I pick up an essential oil version of ocean breeze, which quickly morphs into mild hints of lemon floor cleaner against the Sherb-like rubber. There’s just a hint of vanilla, almost laced with a bit of cardamom, on the backend, and it’s really quite lovely.

As noted above, the bud is packed with extreme density. It still breaks down with ease, revealing some nostril singeing terps that remind me of black pepper and pastis afpertif.

Combustion is kind to the palate and tbe back of the throat. It’s smooth, full of gassy shades of flavor that end in a earthy root-like note. For example, flavor seekers can expect to find notes of Sour D, Sherb, light Gelato sweat, Z, and GSC finish. Limonene, Caryophyllene & Myrcene would be my top terp guesses. The palate is advanced, and can change between pulls or bowls.

At 340Β°F, there’s still some strong flavors coming forward, but I’d say this one lends itself to combustion more and you’d be cheating yourself not to at least try it. Still, for the vapers, expect to find some mouth-coating freshly pumped fuel, with some Gelato musk and rubber that leans towards the oily cuts I’ve had. Dark and smooth, almost like the turbinado sugar of Gelato. The experience is rewarding.

And yeah, I gotta say as far as effects go this one put me in a good place. Loads of pressure in the forehead, activating that third eye. I’m pretty distracted for a few hours. Honestly, this post took way too long to write. Don’t smoke this if you wanna get anything done is what I’m saying πŸ’€ And definitely don’t drive πŸš”

Thanks so much to ShoppingCarts415 for hooking it up and ImperialHerbLA coming through with the delivery. I’d give this one a strong recommendation and buy.

The Fire Scale:

8 πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯