Chroma by Your Highness




Your Highness


Sunset Sherbert BX1 x Zkittlez






Pencil Shavings, Tangy Mint, Permanent Marker.


Dry Pull: Musky Peppermint

Combustion: Jasmine Cake, Nail Polish Remover, Earthy Funk.

Vapor: Smooth Pine, Classic Cannabis Leaf, hint of Lemon Rubber.


Average Strength – Relaxing, slightly spacey. Anytime of the day smoke for me, if you can deal with your mind wandering every once in a while.


Last few packs of Your Highness were a complete success, so I decided to come back and give Chroma a shot. This Sherb backcross sounded so funky and juicy that I had to check it out. Here we go.

As promised, the nose is strong and astringent. A hint of nutty rubber hits me before turning into metallic pencil shavings, a new one to add to the terp catalogue. Underneath, there’s a sour, almost tangy mint that is supported by brand new Sharpie marker. Volume rides around a 7.5 – legit.

Nugs are decent, looks alright. Trim and manicure are acceptable, but there’s not a lot of sparkle here. It’s the girl/guy-next-door type of herb. Moderately attractive, but she’s not a beauty queen. That’s alright though, not everyone can be a winner in every department.

But what this bud does do very well, is an exceptional aroma and flavor. During combustion, I’m met with gassy, flowery, sweet cake followed up with a spoonful of savory soil and rubber funk. There’s a lingering topping of nail polish remover, almost acetone-like astringency that shapes the whole experience.

At 340Ā°F I’m not picking up as many details, but I’d say the flavor is much more defined and rich. Expect notes of forest, kitchen lemon rubber gloves, and classic cannabis, that taste that is poorly imitated by “cannabis-flavored” confections like lollipops and chewing gum.

For me, Your Highness killed it again with this batch. Pardon the double negative, but I haven’t had anything from them that I haven’t liked. I didn’t really pick up on the Z in this cut, it was missing some of those terps that might have sent this one over the edge. But I really liked it and I’d say it’s definitely worth a pickup if you can scoop a fresh batch.

The Fire Scale:

7 šŸ”„šŸ”„šŸ”„šŸ”„šŸ”„šŸ”„šŸ”„