Suckers by The Ten Co.




The Ten Co.






Imperial Club LA




Musty Pepper Cheese, Rotten Fruit, Savory Musk core.


Small nugs. Extremely dark hue. A coat of kief cakes the exterior, but trichs still shine bright. Great humidity, okay trim and manicure.


Dry Pull: Sweet Anise Hash

Combustion: Lavender Cream Puff, lingering light Sour Butane & Cacao Nibs.

Vapor: Black Licorice, OG Kush, lingering Mentholated Yogurt, Beer Skunk Biscuit.


Medium Strength. Dominanting head high w/ some body muscle relaxer couch lock effects that creep in heavily after combustion. Hazy head, pressure to the temples. Vapor had the inverse effect, as it was more mild and euphoric, with a clear head.


Coming straight off that impeccable pack of Blue Zushi, we got Suckers from The Ten Co. This brand has been gaining a whole lotta steam recently as its finally entered the regulated market scene. This particular drop is still part of their traditional market, and thanks to Imperial Clubb LA for hooking it up.

While I’m definitely drawn to the packaging, the name Suckers leaves me absolutely clueless as to the origins of the flower. I’m guessing it’s some sort of citrus like candy terps, which I haven’t had in a while, so I figured let’s try it out.

Nope. Not what I was expecting. The aroma delivers much more of a dark, slightly cheesy, gelato-esqque vibe. Maybe, just maybe, there’s a hint of some candy fruit with a muted herbaceous edge to it, but it’s very light. Volume is somewhere around 4.5. Specifically, expect a musky cheesy pepper, slightly savory when ground, albeit that sweet quality exists in the form of black licorice. I’m thinking there’s some Z in this cross. I’m starting to get a hunch as to the lineage, but I can’t be sure.

Either I got a weak nug selection or this flower just produces small buds, cause my 1/8th was comprised of maybe ten or so small nugs. The structure kinda reminds me of Runtz or Biscotti. Now I’m really interested as to how this will translate to the palate. As I break up a bowl, there’s a tad bit of a larfy quality to this, but I’m not going to assume that as of yet.

Combustion is adequately smooth, and the overall flavor is… well, I’d say delicate rather than light. Up front, I feel a touch of lavender butane. It has a creamy quality to it, almost like a cream puff pastry. The end of the exhale turns slightly sour, with a complex dark chocolate bent to it – similar to an excellent 25-ingredient mole sauce. A slight coffee ground note is somewhere in the mix.

At 340°F, the flavor completely detaches from its combustible counterpart. Instead, this reminds me of some of the recent cuts I’ve had of Guava x Biscotti from Connected. There’s a true OG pine kush flavor that takes the wheel, while anise and a slight cooling yogurt effect hang out in the backseat. The first hit holds a nice hit of flavor, but this quickly subsides for a yeasty, skunky beer biscuit quality on subsequent hits. I do wish it held its flavor for a bit longer.

Effects were quite nice during combustion, while vapor took a bit more to feel anything substantial. If I had to take a guess as to the crosses for Suckers, I’d say this is in the range of the Biscotti x Gushers x Zkittlez – I may not be right, but I’m probably pretty close.

To be honest, I’m not too impressed with this offering from Ten Co. I thought Blue Zushi was wayyy better, and definitely deserved the hype. Still, I’m gonna come back to Ten Co. in just a few more reviews. I dig what they got going on, even though this one sorta missed for me.

The Fire Scale:

5 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥