Haupia by ShoppingCarts415 x MountBurnin




ShoppingCarts415 x Mount Burnin


Lemon Cherry Gelato x Gelato 41




Imperial Club LA




Paint Thinner, Ripe Tropical Fruit, Pink Eraser, Rubber-like Musk.


Medium-sized, boulder-shaped nugs. Coated with crystals, rich dark hue. Nice humidity, trim/manicure. Wish it was a little more sticky, but that’s just personal preference.


Dry Pull: Vanilla Musk

Combustion: Musky Diesel, Coconut Butane, Salty Starch finish, lingering Nutty Earth.

Vapor: Sweet Coconut Flesh, Earthy Root finish.


Above Average Strength – Wraparound pulsating head pressure. Muscle relaxation from neck to lower back. Heavy arms. This one makes me feel like the couch cushions are made of quicksand. For me, it’s an end of the night flower.


Having started with its sister pheno, Haupina, and recently with its second cousin, Waupia, I get to come back full circle with the flower that started it all, Haupia. Now, I believe I’m able to identify the canon that has been created with this strain.

Popping open the bag sends those sandy beach tropical vibes my way. It’s that salty, fresh air quality mixed with a hint of dark musky gelato on that back end that simulates that ocean breeze coconut scent. There’s also an astringent pink eraser, Rubber like quality that dips in and out between whiffs. At first, I got a light hint of paint thinner, but that quickly morphs towards more ammonia inspired aromas. I extract a nug and break it open close to my nose. Aha, loads of sweet stone fruit and astringency to be found, almost like a mellow batch of Runtz. As a whole, the volume knob rides between a 5 of 6 – I wouldn’t call it too aggressive.

Like all the other iterations of the Haupia family, this one is for the flavor-seekers. Expect some gelato/diesel notes up front followed by a light shade of coconut flesh with just a hint of butane to turn towards the neutral gassy side of the spectrum. A slightly salty, starchy, potato-like texture comes in for a moment (much like the taro root from Waupia and Haupina) before settling down into the nutty flavors found in the Bacio. The flavor is more on the mild side. I just would have liked for this cut to coat my mouth with a bit more confidence – it’s holding back a little, but it still rocks. This is some good smoke.

At 340°F the coconut flesh really pops out like the batch of Haupina I had, which has been my favorite of the three so far. There’s still some pleasant sweet, earthy taro to be found, as it shows up on the back end. Subsequent pulls didn’t hold quite the same flavor that the first hit did, but I really enjoyed focusing on the coconut terps, although it might have been brief.

This flower is truly special. I really dig how unique these terps are, ShoppingCarts415 & Mount Burnin really know what they are doing, as the bud is cultivated well, as all the bud I’ve had from them has hit some of my highest rankings again and again. I will note that as far as effects go, this one was, for me, the most potent of the bunch. Hopefully I can score some Poi next!

The Fire Scale:

7 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥