Grape Goddess by Cream of the Crop


Grape Goddess


Cream of the Crop


Grape Stomper x Green Goddess


37.15% Total Cannabinoids 1.28% Total Terpenes

Top Terps:

Limonene, Myrcene, Linalool.




I think this goes for about $70+. This 1/8th was given to me directly from the company.


Sweet Dried Fruit, Isopropyl Skunk, Mint Ammonia, Licorice Root, Spearmint core, hint of Trail Mix.


Medium-sized nugs. Great selection and fantastic job with manicure/trim. Good balance of humidity for any kind of smoke, although I prefer a little more moisture.


Dry Pull: Prune & Mint

Combustion: Woody Edge, Butane, touch of Play Doh, lingering Floral Earthy Dough

Vapor: Pine Kush Mentos & Key Lime Shortcake finish.


Medium/Above Average Strength – Full body relaxation, heavy eyes. Light head pressure. Slightly sedative, calming, and tranquil.


When Cream of the Crop reached out to see if I was interested in reviewing their new “Cannabis Superba” line I was immediately intrigued. The very name of the brand itself already suggests that the jars they produce should be of the highest quality, so why was this different? After speaking with Dan from COTC, he informed me that these batches are much more limited that any of their previous offerings and the max nug count is no less than three buds per 1/8th. Because of this, only a fraction of the product ends up making it onto the shelves, leaving the consumer with the very best of the best in the turkey bag. Let’s see how they did.

First off, this has got to be the most aesthetically pleasing packaging I’ve come across yet. The soft, cotton paper box is adorned with intricate, art deco inspired geometric design, which fills my heart with joy. COTC always has a powder coated glass jar inside and this one is no different, although I found it a bit hard to photograph, so just a picture of the lid will have to do.

Smell on this kinda takes me back a bit. It’s got that classic cannabis profile with some new-school fruit and musk behind it. At first, my nose picks up some sour dark fruit, but there’s a biting astringent note that cannot be contained – its got that Skunk No. 1 vibe to it, which I found out is the main parent of the male in this cross, Green Goddess. Remarkable how that shines through so clear. Double-stacked on top of  this astringency is a minty ammonia, which adds a fair amount of intensity. To round it out, a natural licorice root provides a sweet, herbal quality while hinting at notes of nutty sunflower seed. While the nose is much more complex that I had anticipated, the volume resides around a 5 1/2. I just wish these jams were pumping a little harder ifyaknowwhatimean.

Buds are in nice shape. Fresh, but easy breakdown. Snap to the stem? Check. Manicure/trim? Check. Humidity and stick? Ehhh, this is where I find that COTC is still lacking consistently between every jar I’ve tried. While I will admit that this comes down to preference, I just want something that is a bit more resinous and sticky, with hopefully some shimmering diamond-like trichs. Unfortunately, this one is a bit dull. I catch little reflections of light in the sun, but not much. Oddly, crystals start to appear a but more after breaking a nug in half.

Smoke is not as heavy as I thought it would be. From my experience, these old grape strains are a bit heavy on the throat, but it goes down smooth like a glass of water at room temp. For flavor, expect creamy, woody notes up front, a lot of butane, with a finish of earthy dough. Just before the palate settles into its lingering flavors, there’s a shade of floral, almost lavender and jasmine, that comes in for a moment. Surprised that I’m not finding any of the fruit notes that showed up on the nose.

At 340°F I’m picking up four dominant notes that categorize themselves into two layers of flavor. First, there’s a nice spread of pine kush against a cooling, yeasty backdrop bringing it into the mentos gum zone. Secondly, a lightly tarted citrus comes in, but it’s very cakey at the same time which reminds me of a key lime shortcake, if that even exists. Overall, a fine experience with both combustion and vapor. Both are equally ranked in my book.

Is it fair to say that this it top shelf flower? Sure. But honestly, in terms of quality, if I didn’t know any better I probably would not have known what separates this product from the other jars I’ve had from COTC at lower price points. If anything should be noted, I’d say this had an edge as far as potency goes. This was definitely the most potent COTC flower I’ve had. A solid pickup though, for sure.

The Fire Scale:

6 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥