Pink Pineapple by The Ten Co.


Pink Pineapple


The Ten Co.






Imperial Club LA




Dragonfruit, Laundry Sheet, Citrus Peel, Lavender.


Dry Pull: Tart Floral Quality

Combustion: Pitaya, Mellow Sweet Fruit, Velveeta Cheese & Tart Butane finish.

Vapor: Fresh Herb & Anise, Malted Skunky Pine, Chamomile finish.


Average/Medium Strength – Heaps of cranium pressure. Some heaviness behind the eyes. Unmotivating, couch lock symptoms.


I’ve had a hard time tracking down decent Pineapple crosses as of late. Last year I had an insane batch of Pineapple Piss, and the year before was a good bag of Pineapple OG from Wonderbrett… but those terps have been ghosting me. So, I picked up Pink Pineapple from The Ten Co. with hopes that it might fulfill my craving. Let’s see what’s goin on in this pretty little pack.

The nose is light, floral, and mostly fruit forward – almost like I’ve walked into a xennial organic juice bar. Up front, I’m picking up dragonfruit. Its got a mellow, sweet fruit thing goin’ on against a bit of fresh linen, light citrus peel, and a Z-like quality with some lavender on the back end. Really was not expecting this profile.

Imperial Club decided to really hook me up this time with a nice nug and a couple good lookin’ mediums, too. Structurally, it’s coiled up pretty tight, loads of orange hairs creeping out, and breaks down with ease into little chunks. Humidity was on point when I received it, and trim/manicure are a-okay.

Much like the nose, I’m picking up a lot of exotic sweet fruit on my palate. This goes into that pink pitaya zone, with a bit of watermelon flesh in there, too. Yet, there is a strange creamy cheesy note that bounces in and out before settling into a delicate floral butane. The floral contains those carnation and orchid flower tones, much like the recent batches of Pina Acai and Green Crack.

At 340° there’s a hint of fresh herb and lightly candied citrus peel with a floral edge, which reminds me of Z crosses. A bit of malted, skunky pine comes in before delivering another herbal, almost chamomile finish. This smorgasbord only lasts for one solid hit though before throwing in the terp towel though. Every other hit after just tastes like the aftertaste you get when drinking a cheap pilsner.

Listen, it’s fine, I’m not complaining too much here. But, I REALLY wanted those damn pineapple terps. I even found this cute pineapple background (pictured) to shoot with, and to be ultimately be delivered a flower, yet again, that doesn’t have any pineapple going on… tsk tsk. But, if you don’t have you’re expectations set on something else, and the sound of these terps seem like they could be your speed, it might be worth checking out. Imma have to pass in the future though. Thanks.

The Fire Scale:

5 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥