Blue Guava Gelato by BackpackBoyz


Blue Guava Gelato






30% Total Cannabinoids




BackpackBoyz LA


$75 out the door


Grungy Nuts, light Parmesan edge, hint of Astringent Mint, Sizzling White Onion and Savory Black Pepper core.


Small, sticky buds. Very weak trim and manicure. Cure is excellent. C+


Dry Pull: Spearmint Musk, Black Licorice, Sweet Earth.

Combustion: Grungy Hazelnut, Funky Earth, Envelope Sealer finish.

Vapor:  Walnut Gas, Pine, lingering Green Vicks VapoRub.


Med/Average Strength – mostly relaxed hybrid body high, body euphoria, put my spirit at ease, very calming. Jello-O limbs. Heavy chest.


The BackpackBoyz dispensary opened up here in Los Angeles a few weeks back, so I scooted on down to check it out. The place was packed like Cookies on 4/20, and the energy was there… people were . And that Exotic Pop soda machine slinging out $20 bottles of disgustingly sweet liquid was almost sold out. Clearly the feds have been pumping this economy with too much money as of late, cause it seems like we have too much disposable income to spend on completely ludicrously overpriced goods. But hey. That’s a different blog. I grabbed one of the exclusive 1/8ths, Blue Guava Gelato, as it had caught my attention a few months back as a traditional market drop. I wish I could have tossed a few more packs in, but it’s hard for me to pay these kind of prices without some sort of discount. Anyway, let’s dive into the product.

Even though this pack was filled with small buds that could have seriously used a trim and manicure upgrade, I gotta say, the aroma is pretty loud here. We’re around a 7 in volume. The nutty tones are the most apparent, dominating the initial impression. A second whiff brings forth a little hard cheese and astringent mint. This particular cut of Gelato dismisses its musky and oily predecessors and instead opts for a more attuned grungy nature. Breaking open the bud delivers a profound nose-singeing effect, with diced raw white onions and a funky savory note shining through strong. Definitely a big thumbs up on the terps.

As you can see from the pictures, these buds ain’t pretty. But I was extremely impressed with the cure and humidity, so the composition category is a bit of a mixed bag. I would have loved to have gotten a pack with some big, bulky buds to show them off, but alas, this is what I got.

If you’re a fan of Gelato 41 and Guava Gelato cuts then you should love this Blue Guava Gelato. Its flavor profile is nutty, earthy, a tad bit of salt, with a lingering envelope sealer finish. Really, there’s hardly any gas or fruit to be found in this blend, and that’s pretty refreshing for a change.

At 340°F, I found the flavor really opened up on this one! From the inhale, there’s a walnut-infused diesel that collides with a wallop of spearmint musk. The whole flavor is rounded out with a heavy presence of Green Vicks VapoRub – very strong and specific. I had seen @westcoastweedreviews mention this terp before, but it never made an appearance till now. It loiters around on my palate for an extended duration.

For me, the effects are medium to moderate strength. There’s not necessarily a target focus, as my head and body receive a welcoming 50/50 mix of euphoria, relaxation, and generally scattered thoughts. I wouldn’t smoke this if you want to get a lot done, but it probably won’t put you to sleep either.

All in all, I really would have liked to have gotten some bigger buds for some better pictures, but I really enjoyed every last bit of my time with this flower. I’d recommend this one if you haven’t tried it, but I’d opt for White Bubblegum Gelato or Italian Ice, Black Cherry Gelato, etc. if there were other options. Glad I tried it though.

The Fire Scale:

7 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥