Blue Slush by Seven Leaves


Blue Slush


Seven Leaves


Blue Cookies x Sunset Sherbert


30.5% Total Cannabinoids




Calma West Hollywood




Rubber (new shoes), Melted PushPop, Lightly Spoiled Mango Milk, Lemon Soap & Rotten Pepper core.


Medium large nug w/ a few mediums. Excellent nug selection. Humidity is a tad dry for my taste. I really wish they left the boveda pack out of the bag. Trim/manicure is right on. Deep purple hue, sugary trich ext. Very impressed overall. B+


Dry Pull: Nutty Vanilla Wafer

Combustion: Creamy Dough, some Musky Bad Odor, touch of Salty Mothballs, lingering Fun Dip stick.

Vapor: Sweet Earth, Cannabis Leaf, Beer Yeast.


Mild strength. For me, this is a pretty light buzz evenly distributed through head and body. Anytime of the day smoke. A little spacey, scattered thoughts, but can work through it.


Seven Leaves is a brand that has been on my radar for quite some time. I had tried a bowl of Blue Slush about a year ago (when it was in a jar) and didn’t get a lot from it, but recently, I’ve had loads of people recommend it to me. At @calmawesthollywood the ticket on an 1/8th was cheap in my book, lineage in promising, and the packaging looked like it could be fun to shoot. So what the heck, let’s go for it.

Geez, this bag smells like a Foot Locker ™️ New shoes, straight out of the box – that rubber sole, tissue paper, and cardboard box all collide at the same time. Underneath it there’s a funk, like a Flinstones/SpongeBob SquarePants mango-flavored push pop that’s been left out in the sun for a day or two. Breaking open the bud, there’s some lemon kitchen soap with decayed matter and cracked coriander.

The problem is… they stuck is freakin’ 58% @bovedainc pack inside the mylar during packaging. These nasty little things are total terp killers if left inside for too long. As a result, the volume resides around a 4 and the bud is too crunchy for my taste. If you’re gonna use the humidity pack, at least opt for 62%, because some people still like their weed sticky and somewhat pliable. This is totally unmalleable. For this fact alone, I cannot recommend anyone purchase this weed. You’ve been warned.

I will note that there is some sticky resin left on the bud, as well as a beautiful coat of frosty diamonds. All is not lost in the composition category.

As far as flavor goes, this is underwhelming through both combustion and vapor. For me, the only redeeming note comes through the smoke at the tail end of the exhale as I’m picking up a sugary note – like a Fun Dip stick before its been dipped into powder. That’s a pretty unique taste so I was surprised when it came through.

And again, for me, the effects were… quite mild. This is what I call a session herb, as I could probably have toke on this throughout the day without feeling much other than a sense of relaxation and some muscle relief, a tad bit of head pressure.

I just really wish I had a fresh batch of this flower that hasn’t been already abused by a humidity pack. I’m gonna chalk this one up to a bad batch with a lot of room for improvement. Get that packaging under control.

But hey, for the price… I’ve had a lot worse.

The Fire Scale:

4 🔥🔥🔥🔥