The Doggy Bagg by Cookies x Snoop Dogg x Grandiflora


The Doggy Bagg


Cookies x Grandiflora x Snoop Dogg


Project 4516 x Zkittlez #18


21% Total Cannabinoids




Cookies Maywood


A staggering $75 + taxes w/ no discount… $100+ out the door FML


Grungy Musk, Nutty Rubber, Ammonia, Lemon Pledge, Mustard Seed Wasabi Pepper core.


Med/large nug w/ a few mediums. Airy, fluffy structure. Unlike most of the dense PGR’d flower that shows up everywhere nowadays. Sticky, leaves a coat of resin on my fingers after the breakdown. A grade.


Dry Pull: Wax Candy Lips

Combustion: Earthy Gas, Rose Water Candy, Surf Wax, Melted Tire.

Vapor: Cannabis Leaf, Floral Marshmallow, Laundry Yogurt.


Average/Mild Strength – Relaxing hybrid with equal parts head/body high. Light buzz throughout. Session smoke.


Much wow, it’s been a whole six months since I’ve done a review for a Cookies branded flower. Well, for 4/20 I figured why not head down to Cookies Maywood for quite possibly one of the most hyped up strains I’ve ever purchased, Snoop Dogg’s collab with Cookies x Grandiflora, The Doggy Bagg.

Waking up at 5am to go stand in line for 6 hours to buy some weed is not my idea of a good time, but I toughed it out to let you all know whether this flower is worth it or not before you head down to spend 3 digits on an 1/8th.

Yes… you read that correctly. This was by far the most expensive 1/8th I’ve ever purchased, and I wouldn’t have grabbed it if it wasn’t for the fact that I felt like I was totally invested all the way up till the register. They say a sucker is born every minute, but honestly I felt more like a fool handing over the cash.

At this point, this weed better be absolutely phenomenal, a 10/10, one of the best strains I’ve ever had in my life, to have it be worth it for me. My expectations are mixed going in.

As far as the nose goes, I’m definitely impressed. Its got a real foul stench to it – almost like a poop bag from a dog who ate a bunch of pissy lemons, nuts, and plastic gloves the night before. Terps are pretty loud without overpowering the senses. On the breakdown, there’s a real weird savory hot pepper astringency that dips between horseradish and onion-like Wasabi at times. Very strange.

I really, really like the look and feel of this bud. It’s quite airy, leafy, and natural looking. A start contrast to the street buds I’ve been smoking recently that look like they’ve been raised with intense PGRs. Humidity is perfect, with a lot of sticky resin on the exterior of the bud to coat my fingers as I pack a couple bowls.

Delicately smooth smoke is surely a surprise. I was expecting something much more rough, but this is quite creamy and gentle on the throat. See tasting notes above, but in short, the whole palate experience is filled with earthy gas, floral candy, with a candy wax finish. Also totally unexpected.

At 340°F the flavor really let me down. I was hoping for something much more complex, but instead was given maybe three strong flavor categories across the board: cannabis leaf, creamy rose, and thick, milky linen. Flavor held up for long draws, but wasn’t as intense as it could be.

As most of you know, I don’t care too much about potency. My tolerance is to the moon. That being said, if you’re spending this kind of money on limited edition weed, it better be hitting all the categories. To put it bluntly, the effect is lackluster for an average smoker, but could be heavy for someone who takes it a bit easy.

With all that said, I really enjoyed the whole pack from beginning to end. There’s really nothing wrong with this bud at all, it’s quite good. If price was a part of my rating system, it would surely be dragging this one down. But, if I’m solely judging the flower alone, then I’d say it’s a really solid strain. But, it’s definitely not worth the price and time that you will ultimately spend acquiring it. You can find better herb for half the price. I know what it feels like to get ripped off, this isn’t my first time. Hopefully you don’t fall for the same trap. #thefirescale “Saving You Money since 2020”

The Fire Scale:

7 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥