Dino Duck by Jelly Cannabis Co. x Gooniez x Ted’s Budz


Dino Duck


Jelly Cannabis Co. x Gooniez x Ted’s Budz




32.04% Total Cannabinoids




Cookies Maywood


$60 +taxes


Ammonia, Sun-Ripened Exotic Fruit, Chamomile, Keratolysis.


Med/small buds. Humidity/trim/manicure are fine. Iced out, kiefy exterior. Some stick to the bud, but not too bad for a dispo mylar.


Dry Pull: Almond Pound Cake w/ a touch of Mint Sprig.

Palate: Peanut Skin, Fresh Fuel, Baby Bottle Nipple, lingering Play Doh.

Vapor: Grassy Cannabis Mentos.


Above-Average/Medium Strength – scattered thoughts, head pressure, some couch lock. This one set me back a bit. Lazy vibes.


A couple weeks ago I had, through my stories, asked for my followers to vote for the strain they wanted to see reviewed the most. After this series of recommendations and voting rounds we eventually landed on Jelly Cannabis Co. and the #1 most requested flower, Dino Duck. Ya’ll really wanna know what’s up with this mylar, so I’m happy to dig in and let you know. Let’s gooo.

I reached out to Ted’s Budz about the lineage, but haven’t heard back so I’m going into this one blind and ready to take some guesses. As soon as I open this pack of super stanky herb it’s clear… this has got to be a Gelato cross of some kind. Not a feral musk, but a fruity astringency pops into my immediate senses. Yet, there’s a rubber-like chamomile that melts into almost a light cheesy fuel on the backend. Volume is around an 8, terps are flying relatively loud. Looking good so far.

I would liked to have given some larger buds, for the sake of photos, but these type of med/small nugs are common for these Gelato crosses. Aesthetically, it quite kiefy and frosty. Reminds me of some of the LCG crosses, except this is much more of a royal shade of purple throughout. Bud was a tad dry for my taste, but I feel like it’s really hard to get this right in the regulated scene nowadays, so I’ve kinda stopped being nitpicky here.

On the inhale via combustion, expect is to hit the back of your throat hard and test your lung strength – because this one had me wanting to cough several times. Luckily, I held through, as to not disrupt the experience on my palate. This is a huge blast of nutty fuel with a smooth, creamy edge throughout. A touch of baby pacifier gives me some more rubber before a hint of play-doh comes in to linger around at the end. While the flavor isn’t terribly complex, it’s extremely enjoyable.

At 340°F, I pick up Bubba-like grassy notes against a backdrop of OG fuel and subtle shades of minty Mentos. Flavor holds up relatively well through a couple long draws, while providing some nice euphoric effects along the way.

This flower really reminds me of the Blue Guava Gelato that I just had from BackpackBoyz, except this has a bit more of that smooth nutty fuel to give it that extra bump. If I had to take a guess on the crosses I’d say this is somewhere in the realm of Mochi x Jet Fuel Gelato or thereabouts.

Why this was hyped up so hard? To be honest, I don’t know. Dino Duck is a really solid Gelato cross and deserves the top shelf acclaim, but it doesn’t blow me away like I thought it might. Still, this is an easy recommendation, as I believe most people would be hard pressed to find any kind of issue with this flower.

The Fire Scale:

7 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥