Revenge of the Ronin by Naga Industries


Revenge of the Ronin


Naga Industries


Runtz x Runtz




Samples were given to me by Naga Industries




Fruit Leather Musk, light Parmesan, Savory Black Pepper Funk core.


Med/Large nug selection. Extremely dense. Humidity, trim, manicure are a-okay.


Dry Pull: Sour Fruit & Cannabis Leaf

Combustion: Guava Earth, Granulated Saccharine Mothballs, Roasted Smoke.

Vapor: Fruity Diesel, Citrus Peel, Doughy Mint Ammonia Biscuit finish.


Above-Average Strength – Evenly distributed body and head high. Slightly elevated heart rate with “waves” of body euphoria, slightly spacey head/scattered thoughts, eye-opening & introspective. I would be glad to smoke some before a serene walk.


While brushing up my review I realized that today, May 24th 2021, is the one year anniversary of my first post on this account. I’ve been truly blessed to have connected with some of you over the past 12 months, both digitally and in-person. @cali.budshots hit me up to collaborate way back when the two of us had less than 200 followers combined between our accounts. Right from the moment I met Cali I knew big things were in store for him, as his enigmatic spark and passion has been a catalyst for his success and to improved his craft over the past year.

His newest endeavor is offering up his own flower, Revenge of the Ronin, under the pseudonym @naga_industries. It’s a Runtz backcross that could have been called “Runtz on Steroids!” as the nose delivers everything you’d expect from the lineage: Ultra fruity, creamy, gas with a bit of shaved parmesan as a suggested undertone, but very light – even lighter is a drop of floor cleaner, which softly dissipates until you break open the bud and BAM! You get shot with a savory black pepper funk that lightly singes the nostrils and draws me in like a bee to honey.

I could sure use a miniature pick axe over here, cause this bud is dense! As I break it down I feel like I’m eroding the walls of a tiny cannabis mine shaft. The material crumbles into little ball-shaped leaves as I pack a bowl.

Thicc and heavy on the inhale, almost like two-stroke smoke. This quickly turns to an earthy exotic fruit with a tinge of gas before turning into an artifical sweetener-like (saccharine) mothball. I found the finish to finesse my palate with a lingering roasted nutty smoke. It reminds me of a yellow American Spirit, just a hint of a tobacco finish.

At 340° I found the terps a bit less outlandish, but still strong. Expect that fruity gas to show up while adding some citrus peel and a finish that really wrastles in that everything-and-the-kitchen-sink trope as it ends up collectively performing quite funky, minty, doughy, and earthy.

This is one hell of a unique Runtz cross, and earns its rightful title. Looking forward to the next offering from the @naga_industries team 😈

The Fire Scale:

7 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥