Skyward Sword by Hylia Farms


Skyward Sword


Hylia Farms


Gelato x Kush Mints


Sample was given to me from a friend.


I think this goes for around $550/ounce


Nutty Pool Water, Cookie Dough, Old & Dusty Feet, hint of Pine & Paint.


A Grade. Excellent humidity, trim/manicure. Nice nug selection with large/med buds. Pulls apart like breaking down fresh popcorn – with just a little bit of squeeze and crunch as it snaps off the stem.


Combustion: Earthy Napthalene, Propane, lingering Sweet Yeast & Spice.


Above-Average Strength. Wraparound hazy head pressure, loose limbs, relaxed body. For me, a rather chill experience which allowed my mind to drift freely and creatively throughout the day.


BIG shout out to @jloud94 for hooking me up with a sample of this Skyward Sword from Hylia Farms and inspiring this super geeky review. I’m a huge fan of the Zelda series (FUN FACT: I even have a giant tattoo of Link playing his Ocarina on the back of my arm), so I knew I had to check out something from this grower simply because of this excellent pop culture reference. Also, Hylia Farms prides itself on growing fine soil grown herb without the use of heavy PGRs, so this is some top quality product. I also had a sample of the Hylia Lemons, which was also bomb, but today we talk about Skyward Sword. Even though SS is probably my least favorite of the franchise, it still holds a special place in my heart… let’s do it, to it and get this pie into the sky.

Terps are flyin’ high outta the jar, with an earthy, dusty keratolysis note on the forefront of the nose. A deep breath reveals some sweet dough while the backend delivers the lightest touch of the Enchanted Forest & fresh paint. Imagine your trapped inside a newly painted cabin in the woods with Ganondorf whose just taken his shoes off, exposing his smelly ogre feet. Volume is around 7-8 – quite nice.

Excellent humidity, beautiful structure, and great nug selection are a couple key highlights in the composition category. While close to perfect, I still would have liked to seen this bud come out a bit more sticky, but I’m not complaining. Although I’d imagine that the Great Deku Tree would probably reprimand me for being too nitpicky and would probably send me back into the woods without a sword.

Combustion is a slingshot of flavor, with halitosis-like earth on the peak of the palate while a boomerang of butane arrests my senses. Lastly, a flavor akin to a Hylian sourdough bread, which clearly took many resources to craft this rarity, lingers before giving way to the lightest touch of Goron spice.

Hey, Listen! Personally, I felt this cut really packed a punch, was super relaxing and had me feelin’ like I’m up in the sky riding my Loftwing as the Blood Moon rises yet again… **okay, maybe that was too many Zelda references at once, but you get the idea**

But seriously, this Gelato x Kush Mints cross was just what I needed after a slew of NINE packs of Gelato crosses in a row that has left me so unmotivated to write about them that I haven’t even bothered posting about what I’ve been smoking for fear of sounding like a broken record. I think we have a problem in this industry with WAY too many strains being repackaged and renamed while they are all starting to taste and smell the same, which is a shame because I take great pleasure in recognizing and describing all the unique volatiles that we find in cannabis. In any regards, anything from Hylia Farms is a must try if you get a chance to get some. I would be surprised to find anyone disappointed with the flower they are putting out.

The Fire Scale:

8 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥