ZEROFUX by ZeroFux x The Juicery




@zerofuxthecannabisconnoiseur x


Unknown Mystical Gelato Cross


Who dafux cares?




From the man himself, @zerofuxthecannabisconoisseur


Can you put a price on friendship? This sample was given to me.


Lysol, Rubber Tire, Permanent Marker, Trashy Black Pepper core with a hint of Spearmint.


Medium-sized nugs. Excellent humidity, nice trim & manicure.


Roasted Earth, Toasted Nuts, Mozzarella, Kerosene.


Above Average Strength – Evenly matched hybrid effects. Relaxed body, floating cerebral pressure, scattered thoughts. Best for winding down.


Over the past 14 months I’ve had the joy of meeting up with a few extremely talented people that I’ve met here through this Instagram account. One of them is @zerofuxthecannabisconoisseur – His content is unique, unapologetic, flashy, and well-written. Go look at his page before finishing this review. If you like my content you will probably dig his too. Clearly, there’s a lot of time and effort put into his work and it shows tenfold. That’s the kind of work that I seek out and draw inspiration from.

The last time I met up ZeroFux he was so kind to offer me up a sample of his branded bag by – which also included a Gelato cross from a private grower. Let’s see if this juice is worth the squeeze.

First off, this bag design is so on brand for @zerofuxthecannabisconoisseur – The black and white Louis Vuitton print matches his aesthetic and attitude while staying chic and couture, suggesting that only product that is supreme could inhabit this mylar bag.

The nose brought me back to classic Gelato – like a Pep Boys filled with new tires, auto parts, and a spent oil stain here and there with a slight lean towards floor cleaner astringency. Breaking open the bud reveals a garbage pail of wasted onion and black pepper. On the backend, there’s just a hint of doublemint spearmint gum.

Smoke is exceptionally light and smooth on the throat, a stark contrast to the flavors that I found: earthy, roasted soil and toasted mixed nuts were at the forefront while a water soaked cheese – like little mozzarella balls you would find in a caprese salad – softened the backend on the end of the exhale. A bit of odorless gas develops and lingers for a moment.

While I don’t know for certain if there are any future plans for the ZeroFux cannabis line, this was a cool collaborative project to sample. Thanks again ZFux for hooking it up, and be on the lookout for our future collab!