SS1 by Hi Tech




Hi Tech


Sunset Sherbert




Minty Rubber, Funky Cracked Pepper, Savory Mulch.


Dense, star-shaped buds with a nice, sticky interior. Loaded up with crystals.


Dough, Allspice, lingering Sour Purple notes.


Above Average – Mellow and spacey, deep set eyes, light muscle relaxation.


The last time we visited the Sunset Sherbert family was with our trip to Sherbinskis to try out their famed Bacio Gelato. I’ll save you from having to scroll back and find it: It was a let down, their glory days are gone. But to the rescue is Hi Tech, a Los Angeles local, delivering their SS pheno to the public, and it is far superior to the orange jar that you will find in stores.

As the bag cracks open I initially discover an earthy funk, but as I crack open the bud the funky start to play against a deep, dark chocolate mentholated rubber. It’s savory notes are tied up in a sort of smell that reminds me of a green waste bin that has been recently filled by a landscaping crew.

There’s a nice crisp snap to the bud as I break it off the stem. Some trichs fly off like little sticky snowflakes, with a little resin left behind on my fingers. It’s dense, and breaks down like I’m excavating in a green diamond mine.

Smoke is heavy, and coats my throat with thick odorless gas as it goes down. On the exhale is where the flavor lies. Expect some spicy notes surrounded in something akin to pasta dough. My favorite part comes at the end when I can pick up a rich, slightly sour purple flavor that keeps me coming back for more.

Effects are relatively strong for your average bag, this is a strain designed for maximum effect. It’s extremely relaxing, but don’t try to get much done as scattered thoughts will be a common side effect along with some heavy pressure behind the eyes.

Great work all around on this one, I look forward to trying out more from the Hi Tech gang. A solid score indeed.

The Fire Scale:

7 šŸ”„šŸ”„šŸ”„šŸ”„šŸ”„šŸ”„šŸ”„