Guava plus by Dub’z Garden x La Coz


Guava plus


Dub’z Garden x La Coz


Ted’s Buds


Guava Gelato pheno


Fresh Rubber, Mint Chocolate, Library Books, Sausage Gravy.


Two massive nugs make up my 1/8th. Sticky on the breakdown. Extremely dense, perfect humidity, cure, and trim. Healthy.


Coffee Grounds, Butane, Exotic Dark Fruit, lingering Trashy Rubber.


Med-High Strength – From head to toe, a complete buzzing body that makes me want to sink into a bean bag. Heavy eyes, forehead and slight sinus pressure.


As soon as I crack open this pack I can already tell… this is going to be a fire pack of Guava. Fresh tires, creamy mint chocolate, and musty ammonia all blast me at once. All classic Gelato notes, but these are strong. Breaking open the bud unleashes the savory pepper funk that reminds me of the southern sausage gravy you’d find on biscuits. Delightful.

On the inhale, my mouth and throat are overtaken by a thick, heavy smoke that makes me feel, “Huh, this is probably what sucking on a tailpipe would be like.”

For me, the exhale initially delivers spicy, bitter notes of coffee grounds with a gassy edge to it, before developing light shades of almost-expired tropical fruit and dunder.

Because this herb is so incredibly dense, I found myself taking smaller hits, which mostly alleviated the symptoms during the inhale and allowed me to concentrate more on the flavor. A little goes a long way here.

By this time we’ve all had our fair share of Gelato phenos, but to be honest, most of the ones on the market now are so watered down, and some of the crosses we get hardly even resemble Gelato at all. This Guava plus is exactly what you want if you’ve been missing that classic rubber funk and reminds me of why Gelatos deserve the hype they get. Because, when done right… and this Guava plus is most definitely done right, it’s some of the very best smoke out there.

The Fire Scale:

8 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥