Lemon Gelato Pop by Dub’z Garden x La Coz x Hi Tech


Lemon Gelato Pop


Dub’z Garden x La Coz x Hi Tech


Ted’s Budz


Runtz pheno


Musty Minty Dough, Candied Citrus, Rubber, Paint Thinner, Elmer’s Kraft Glue.


Slender, frosted med-sized nugs. Perfect humidity, nice cure and trim. Very sticky.


Dry Pull: Musky Rubber

Smoke: Creamy Gas, Sugar Cookie Dough, Fruity Ammonia Finish.

Vapor: Clove, Mint, Yeast, Szechuan Peppercorn.


Above Average Strength – Head focused high with light neck & muscle relief. Perfect for daytime, staying alert, creative, and nature walks.


After reviewing the stellar batch of Guava plus from Dub’z Garden and La Coz I had to come back for more so let’s get into this batch of Lemon Gelato Pop. While the genetics are undisclosed, it’s apparent from the terps, composition of the bud, and flavor that we have some sort of Runtz pheno that could be closely related with LCG, but I’d say much closer to a Runtz cousin.

Upon cracking open the bag my nose picks up a slightly yeasty, bromine-infused dough with a touch of mint and rubber. A bit of sugary citrus floats about, but honestly I wouldn’t describe it as lemon. It’s more of a citron anise, kinda black licorice with a hint of floor cleaner thing going on. But obviously that doesn’t sound too good on the bag so I understand why they went with the lemon. Snapping the bud open reveals a bold “school glue” with a drop of paint thinner and hint of black pepper. Loads of different volatiles here, and I’m sure each person will pick up something different here. A good exercise for your nose.

If super frosty, sticky bud is what you’re after then you’ll find it here. While breaking down the bud I had several pieces stick to me like it had been electrostatically charged.

The smoke is genuinely rich and creamy on the inhale like a gassy push pop, while the exhale reminds me of a sweet, raw Christmas cookie dough followed up by a musky stone fruit floor cleaner finish.

Vapor is much more spicy and earthy before finding herbs like clove and mint that leaves my mouth with a slightly mentholated spicy tingling numbing sensation that I get when eating dishes with Szechuan peppercorns.

If creamy Runtz phenos are your jam then I think you’ll find something unique with this one. This collaboration between Dub’z Garden x La Coz x Hi Tech is proof that you’ll find nothing but quality flower in their packs.

The Fire Scale:

7 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥