Grandi Guayava by Grandiflora


Grandi Guayava




Ted’s Budz




Sweet Sandalwood, Pepper, hint of Foreign Fruit.


Wide med/large sized nugs. Okay humidity and trim. Yellow, brittle trichomes, D+


Smoke: Charred Oak, Malty Mothballs, Blackened Oats.


Some light head pressure and mild euphoria.


Upon cracking open the bag I am a bit taken aback by how light these terps are. Volume is somewhere around a 3 or 4 here – pretty quiet. I found the central aroma to be quite woody and somewhat sweet, like natural Sandalwood deodorant. Snapping the bud in half reveals a bit of pepper and the slightest hint of dark, foreign fruit, while retaining its woodiness.

While I prefer bud that is more on the moist, sticky side, this herb probably fares better in a vaporizer or joint. The color, a light grayish-green, is relatively untraditional. Honestly, I believe this batch might have run into a couple problems during the grow process.

The smoke is thick and heavy – definitely for the seasoned lungs. On the exhale, expect to find charred oak, hops, malts, and toasted Oats. There’s a kind of odorless gas, mothball sorta thing going on underneath that lingers on the palate throughout the finish.

Grandiflora has put out some real bangers over the years and I expect to find nothing but quality from the team. This one though… seems to have gotten away from them. Maybe it was just an off-batch, but as always I have to be honest (otherwise what am I really doing here?), and I would probably recommend to pass on this one unless they rework some things. Unfortunately, they can’t all be winners and it would take a whole lot more inconsistency to tarnish the Grandiflora brand. I’d be happy to pick up another pack from them in the future.

The Fire Scale:

3 🔥🔥🔥