Coconut Runtz by Shopping Carts


Coconut Runtz


Shopping Carts


Ted’s Budz


Runtz pheno


35% Total Cannabinoids


Parmesan Toejam, Feral Musk, Sour Corpse.


One giant nug and lots of fluffy smalls to round out the pack. Kiefy. Great humidity. Healthy. B+


Dry Pull: Good & Plenty Candy

Smoke: Gassy Earth, Tropical Musk, Grass, Coconut Water.

Vapor: Sweetgrass, Coconut Flesh, slightest hint of Creamy Pine.


Average Strength – Hybrid head and body effects spread evenly. Heavy eyelids. Relaxed, calm mind, tension relief.


I was so thrilled to have come across this Coconut Runtz by Shopping Carts. It’s been nine months since the last time I had anything from them and I have been super impressed with anything from the Haupia family, with Haupina being my favorite of the bunch. Let’s dig in.

First, I have to mention how cute this packaging is. Make sure to swipe all the way to the last picture in the set to see that it’s been designed to look like a little coconut. Not only is this adorable and on brand, but it serves another greater purpose. By keeping the packaging smaller, tighter around the bud this leaves room for less oxygen, which keeps it from drying out faster, stabilizing the condition of the bud on packaging date, and best of all, keeping the terps intact. A+ on the packaging.

Speaking of terps… my God, these go hard. I’ve been told that each grower has a signature smell, or “terp stamp” if you will, no matter which strain they cultivate. I gotta say, this has that very signature, ultra trashy musk Gelato with a slight hint of coconut on the backend if you breath in nice and slow. It’s a scent that wavers between aged shaved parmesan, sour foot, wild animal-like musk, and something that has died. For the terp connoisseurs, you’re gonna go nuts over this bag. Absolutely delicious. A 9.5/10 on the volume scale. Loud.

The smoke inhale tastes like the smell of a field that’s just received a mix of hard rain and light drops of gasoline. The earthy notes are very present and up front. The exhale brings humid, tropical fruit musk before developing into fresh cut grass. After lingering for some time, out of nowhere, as if by magic I get the unmistakable taste of coconut water. This is new for me, as I’ve only experienced coconut flesh terps, which can be found while vaping this particular flower, but the smoke brings out something quite special. This earns a high recommendation for the terp chasers.

Shopping Carts kills it again with this one. It reminded me of the Platinum Haupia at times, but I am stoked that this flower made its way into dispos thanks to distribution by Ted’s Budz. If you want a Gelato pheno that is super stinky, and totally unique be sure to grab this Coconut Runtz, you can’t go wrong.

The Fire Scale:

8 πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯