Bubblegum Horchata by Dub’z Garden x La Coz


Bubblegum Horchata


Dub’z Garden x La Coz


Ted’s Budz




Ammonia, Spearmint, Fresh Linen, Sweet & Trashy Candy Musk.


Very frosty & kiefy, med/small sized nugs. Humidity is alright, great trim and cure. Healthy. B+


Dry Pull: Sweet & Musky Anise

Smoke: Sweet Cream, Musky Boba, Spice & Fuel.

Vapor: Rubbery Bubblegum, Malty Fuel


Average Strength – Warm & fuzzy head-focused high with some light muscle relief. Uplifting, creative, and alert.


While the genetics are undisclosed we do know that Horchata is a cross between Mochi x Jet Fuel and judging by the Bubblegum in the title on the package and the composition of the bud we can somewhat safely assume this this has been bred with some cultivar in the Bubblegum Gelato family. Those sound like some tasty genetics to me, let’s dig in.

For me, the nose is slightly astringent, delicately sweet, and extremely inviting. A deep inhale of the bag makes me feel like I’ve walked into a condemned confectionery shoppe – it’s rotting away, but the air is still filled with haunted remnants of sweet tarts, hand-crafted licorice, and cheesy cream puffs – while retaining its Gelato musk.

As far as structure/composition goes, I love bud like this. Easy to break down. Its shimmering white coat is easy on the eyes, and humidity is just at that perfect medium for any form of delivery, whether it be a joint, bowl, vapor, etc.

The inhale is extremely smooth and lacteous, while the exhale is like chewing on a musky tapioca ball, with slight hints of vanilla that develop into a peppery petrol finish.

Vapor really brings those chewy bubblegum terps out, which makes me think this would be a delicious concentrate – as these flavors really pop at lower temps.

Once again, Dub’z Garden, La Coz & Ted’s Budz team up to create a stellar product for the terp chasers. My pack could have benefited from the aroma volume amped up a bit, better nug selection, and a little more kick to the flavor. But all in all, I thought this was an excellent smoke and I would recommend it.

The Fire Scale:

6 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥