A.M.A. (Antimatter Annihilator) by Hi Tech


A.M.A. (Antimatter Annihilator)


Hi Tech


Ted’s Budz


Sunset Sherbert x Dosidos


33% Total Cannabinoids




Toasted Marshmallow, Cherry Oak, Wintergreen, Tobacco, Wasabi core.


Dense, medium-sized nugs. Resinous and sticky. Excellent cure and trim. Very healthy. A-


Dry Pull: Sweet & Musty Dandelion

Smoke: Hoppy Home Biscuit, Mothball Gas, touch of Gentian Root.

Vapor: Tarragon, Wintergreen, Malt, Sweet Pine Sap finish.


Above Average/Hi Strength – Big body high from head to toe, heavy eyelids, light head pressure. Extremely relaxing. Actually put to me sleep a couple times.


Hi Tech has been rolling out very juicy, exotic herb recently so A.M.A. (Antimatter Annihilator) caught my attention simply by its promising genetics. While these individual cultivars have been previously crossed by others, Hi Tech has developed this flower in-house and this particular pheno has some unique properties that is a cut above the rest. But before I go any further, let’s hop into the nose.

I found the initial aroma to be soft and creamy, sweet and woody, which reminded me of toasting a marshmallow by the fire. The bag has traces of slight wintergreen astringency, and feint hints of musky tobacco on the back end. Breaking open the bud is a nostril-singing hot pepper which reminded me of the way my sinuses flare up when some wasabi accidentally makes it onto my sushi (Side note: I have to say I love the smell, but detest what it does to my palate, not for me.)

A.M.A. contains a flavor profile that is as unique as its aroma. Inhale is thick and gassy, while the exhale is herbal while bringing about some similar taste memories that remind me of a crunchy, home-cooked buttermilk biscuit. The finish contains a cornucopia of herbs that cross between bitter, medicinal, and savory. It’s quite a nice finish and the overall taste really grew on me after each successive toke.

This vapor taste though, wow. It really took me back the first time I took a long drag. Smooth on the inhale, with the exhale delivering fantastic herbal tones found in the fennel family, then developing into a malty wintergreen before settling into a sugary, sticky pine sap finish that is just there if you close your eyes and listen closely.

A.M.A. is a true departure from all the candy terps. Instead, this one makes me think it’s more like a contemporary Girl Scout Cookies, but matured beyond it predecessor. Personally, the effects hit me pretty hard so this one definitely ain’t for the rookie lungs. At this point, I’m okay with grabbing anything from Hi Tech, knowing that I’m getting some quality product. More on the way.

The Fire Scale:

7 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥