BernieHana Butter by Cookies x Dub’z Garden


BernieHana Butter




Dub’z Garden


(Jet Fuel Gelato x Guava) x (Blue Cookies x Oreoz)


Old Library, Yeasty Gas, Particle Board, Funky Peppered Paint core.


Two ultra pale and frosty med/small sized nugs with plenty of fluffy smalls to fill up the rest of the bag. Crisp and lacking resin. Breaks down powdery.


Smoke: Buttery Fuel, Umami, Doughy Roasted Spice.

Vapor: Doughy Gas, Tangy Bitter Herb.


Medium Strength – Hybrid with body high leaning dominant traits. Fuzzy head, this one knocks you out a little bit like you just received a strong right hook to the temples.


I first heard about the origin of BernieHana Butter by ZeroFux – who told me about how it’s unique flavor caught the attention of Berner, who teamed up with Dub’z Garden to create brand this BernieHana Butter as a featured Cookies strain. The flower was given high remarks by my fellow connoisseur, who managed to sample an early batch, with a strong recommendation to pick it up whenever I got the chance. Let’s tear open the package and see what’s inside.

When I first opened the package I get a feint hint of musky berry escaping from the bag, but as soon as I dip my nose the scent completely vanishes to make way for an ultra musty aroma that can only be compared to the experience of walking into an old elementary school library. Underneath this dominant force is a hint of yeasty gas while woody particle board starts to take on the aggressive tone. As I break open the bud the caryophyllene peppery funk is coupled with the smell of fresh paint.

The inhale is heavy as can be, you’re gonna need some iron lungs for this flower. The exhale delivers all the flavor with a Jet Fuel focused buttery fuel behind the initial impression, which slowly melts into an umami-inspired flavor that tastes like a layer of oil or fat lingering on your palate. It finishes with a toasted spice including notes of garlic and GSC dough on the very backend.

Without a doubt, this is an extremely complex and unique flower that Dub’z Garden has cultivated. I would love to have the chance to sample a fresh AAA batch because I believe the terps would be outta this world. Unfortunately, this particular pack falls victim to the common Cookies curse. My bag could have greatly benefited from proper humidification of the bud and nug selection. The smalls that mostly filled my bag had absolutely zero terps left and I was subject to pulling what I could out of the two nugs you see in the pictures. This was the very last of the product that they had in the store so unfortunately I couldn’t pick up another pack to compare.

I’d be inclined to pick up another pack to see if I get some better product, but this was sort of a mixed bag for me.

The Fire Scale:

5 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥