Ray-K 41 by Hi Tech


Ray-K 41


Hi Tech


Ted’s Budz


White Cherry Gelato


Sweet Tarts, Shaved Parmesan, Floor Cleaner, Sour Musk, touch of Black Pepper Dryer Sheet.


Med-sized nugs, great selection. Excellent humidity, trim, cure. A-


Dry Pull: Sweet Cherry Musk

Smoke: Cherry Tart Filling, Gassy Panna Cotta, Musky Pine Cookie finish.

Vapor: Juniper Berries, Sweet Barley, hint of Stone Fruit


Above-Average Strength – Strong headband buzz effect, heavy eyelids, relaxed body, heavy limbs. Subversive thoughts, spacey and cerebral.


This White Cherry Gelato pheno, dubbed Ray-K 41, by Hi-Tech, is just beautiful. The moment that I opened the pack those familiar cherry-scented marker, hard cheese, and musky terps just launch outta the pack. There’s a touch of astringency on a deep exhale, while breaking open the bud reveals a touch of caryophyllene but linalool is taming it down so that the aroma becomes sweet, fresh, and lively.

Crushing the bud between my fingers leaves a dust behind that smells like tart hard candy with just a bit of stickiness. It’s kiefy coat of frost looks like a little green mountain covered in fresh snow. Out of all the cherry gelato phenos I’ve had, this is the fairest of them all.

Inhale is tart, defined, and puckers my mouth as much as it waters. Reminds me of a red sour ball. The exhale delivers a rich, creamy, vanilla gas before turning into notes of musky spiced leather and pine needle shortbread cookies.

Personally, this herb left me in a bit of a dazed stupor, tuning out the world and leaving me to my ponder my life choices and mortality. Am I fulfilling my life’s destiny with a torch in one hand and cell phone in the other, talking about how different phenos of Gelato smell like various forms of cheese and fruit? Fuck if I know, but we’re here anyway.

So far, Hi Tech has a perfect track record in my book. Nothing but fire flower coming out of their facilities. Definitely pick up a pack of this one if you’re looking for a bomb candy Gelato.

The Fire Scale:

8 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥