Grape Gelato Push Pop by Official Gooniez


Grape Gelato Push Pop




Ted’s Budz






Foreign Fruit, Ammonia, Pool Water, Sweet Basil, Mustard Seed core.


Large nugs, ultra frosty, sparkles in the sunlight. Great selection, humidity, and trim. “A+” Grade.


Dry Pull: Musky Chamomile

Smoke: Butane, Toasted Earth, Paper Mache Paste, Sour Musk finish.

Vapor: Pine Cough Drop, Biscuit Malt.


Average Strength – Head-focused high, light muscle tension relief. Alert, bright colors, heightened senses, feel-good. Great for a walk or long work sessions.


Last time I reviewed Official Gooniez we sampled a stellar, most decadent flower, Dino Duck – an inspiring collaboration between them and Jelly Co. Like all their strains, this Grape Gelato Push Pop has undisclosed genetics other than the obvious Gelato in its title, so let’s see what’s inside.

First, and most definitely foremost, this dark purple flower is absolutely covered in Swarovski trichomes from rim to rim, like a little chandelier that would hang in a Disney villain’s lair. It’s absolutely gorgeous. As I pulled a nug out of the pack by the stem I couldn’t help but just spin it around between my fingers slowly, admiring its structure and vibrancy.

The nose in the bag suggests a musky fruit at first impression, followed up by bits of ammonia that turn a bit more sour, and pool water in a scant dose. This is coupled with a sweet, herbaceous quality that leans most towards basil. Cracking open the bud has that reminds me of mustard seed oil, as it comes off a little more nutty than peppery.

The smoke in just a few words? Rich, musky, and earthy. But for the flavor seekers you’ll find some butane-like gas on the inhale, followed by a smooth, toasted, almost nutty, earth that quickly turns sour, slightly musky with the slightest bit of fruit on the backend that reminds me most of blackcurrant.

Vapor suggests light, moderately mentholated pine that doesn’t fully form as the bready, beer biscuit malt terps dominate the palate and finish.

I definitely enjoyed smoking this flower, and of course, bud like this is so much fun to photograph as it gives off such a radiant gleam and sparkle. I would have liked the terps to be a bit more present as I found them to be rather light on the nose and palate. Overall, great job on this one and I’ll definitely be back in the future to try something else from the Gooniez team.

6 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥