Coconut Horchata by Dub’z Garden x La Coz


Coconut Horchata


Dub’z Garden x La Coz


Ted’s Budz




Sulfurous Citrus, Vacuum Bag, Beach Escape Candle.


Large, frosty nugs. Amazing selection, perfect humidity, great cure & trim. “AA” Grade.


Dry Pull: Mint Dark Chocolate

Smoke: Gassy Vanilla Cream, White Tea, Baking Spice, lingering Sour Fuel & Sunscreen Lotion.

Vapor: Gassy Sour Foot, Fresh Paint, Doughy Spruce Funk.


Above Average Strength – Well-balanced head and body high. Relaxing without a heavy toll on the body. Eye-opening light head pressure, slightly euphoric. Pleasant and happy.


A tall glass of horchata collides with half a coconut, splashing against a tropical yellow background with tiny bits of palm fronds peeking out from the corners of the bag. “Coconut Horchata” by Dub’z Garden x La Coz. I’m just looking at this package, thinking about how far we’ve come, and gone, in the industry. This is long down the road from when herb was given to you in those clear, red, and green plastic prescription containers that you had to squeeze the sides of to open. Personally, I like the collaboration between grower and visual designer. Artists coming together from different fields tend to create a new aesthetic and culture, and we can clearly see one being born in front of us in the cannabis industry. I just wish we were still able to look at, and smell our weed before we buy it. So we resort to trusted growers, plugs, distributors, dispos, reviewers, educated budtenders, our peers, and unfortunately, bag design and hype to inform our purchases. Make sure to add Dub’z Garden to your list of trusted names as they have just been killing it lately and this Coconut Horchata is no exception.

The nose is sweet with feint hints of citrus up front before turning musty and funky. There’s a real dusty quality to it, like you’ve just opened up a vacuum bag that needs to be emptied. On the backend, there’s a vanilla-infused orchid flower with woody overtones that reminds me of a real Yankee Candle candle titled “Beach Escape.” It’s extremely pleasant.

As noted above, the composition on this bud was near perfect. While it’s not a jaw-dropper, I couldn’t find a single thing to improve. This is grown with extreme care and expertise, while being handled the same way through distribution.

The smoke could not be any more creamy throughout the entire process, with the inhale possessing a light & airy gas that brings those vanilla terps from the nose onto the palate. The exhale was as equally delicate with a slight herbal, almost citrus dusted flowery note to it that reminded me of white tea, followed by some baking spices like nutmeg or cinnamon. This concludes with a sour fuel that lingers with just a trace of what sunscreen lotion smells like after its just been applied.

Quite a stellar flower from this team. Definitely worth picking up if these terps sound appealing to you. I imagine this would be a great morning or daytime smoke to get you on your day.

8 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Note: This one came dangerously close to a 9, but the volume on the terps needed just a tad bit more amplification to get it there. Amazing herb.