Cross Faded by S.I.A.S. Canna Co.


Cross Faded


S.I.A.S. Canna Co.


Ted’s Budz


Horchata x Grease Monkey


Roasted Nuts, Mesquite-Grilled Ribs, Sawdust, Chocolate, Sulfur Dioxide core.


One beautiful behemoth and a few med/smalls to round out the 1/8th. Perfect trim. A bit on the dry side for my personal taste. Breaks down kiefy and powdery.


Dry Pull: Barbecue Ruffles

Smoke: Sugar-Free Cool Whip, Savory Mothballs, Egg Noodle, Peanut Skin, Cedar.

Vapor: Earthy Pizza Crust.


Average Strength – Warm, fuzzy body and head high. Frontal lobe pressure. Sedative.


This the first of two flowers that I’m reviewing from S.I.A.S. Canna Co. They are brand new to me so I’m looking forward to checking out their goods. I couldn’t help but let out a little chuckle as I picked up this pack of Cross Faded, as the sacreligous art couldn’t be any more cheeky. The bag has hardly info so I reached out to S.I.A.S. and they were kind enough to let me know it’s q cross of Horchata x Grease Monkey, nice! Let’s dig in and see if they nailed it… pun fully intended.

Tearing open the pack reveals a warm, nutty, roasted aroma that is both comfortable and inviting. As I bring my nose inside there’s a well-seasoned charred meat terp that reminds me of mesquite grilled beef ribs. A hint of chocolate plays well against woody undertones, while breaking open the core of the nug brings a spicy note that reminds me of a match that has just been struck. Really, some tremendous and unique terps to discover.

As seen above, these nugs are ravishing, with stacks upon stacks of crystals on every square millimeter. Opening up the flower reveals a rich, royal purple that contrasts so well against the green that it reminds me of a color pallette that would belong to none other than The Joker.

On the inhale, I’m picking up a texture that is so creamy that it reminds me of a mouth full of Cool Whip without the sugar. The exhale has light traces of odorless gas, a stanky, savory “poof” that brings me to the mothballs, along with another flour-inspired savory note that dips into egg noodle territory. Lastly, there’s a long-lasting woody note that appears on the finish with the lightest touch of peanut testa, that little brown paper substance that covers the peanut in between the shell.

The dry pull still contains some of those meaty terps found in the aroma, but instead my mind goes to barbecued potato chips as a much more accurate summation.

Vapor is the least flavorful of delivery methods, as notes of earth and dough really dominate the experience.

I was rather impressed with my first impression from this flower by S.I.A.S. The terps stand out as totally unique from its peers, and the bud is just as pretty as it could be. The smoking experience is smooth and woody, yet I couldn’t help but imagine there was a berry flavor there that truly doesn’t exist. It reminded me of a vape juice that I would buy often from when I used e-cigarettes as a way to transition from smoking cigarettes. For those of you that still burn ciggies, truly consider quitting, as I found that my palate really opened up after I quit. Not only was I able to taste my cannabis with a much larger flavor spectrum, but my sensitivity for drink and food become heightened over time. As did my spending for more cannabis, so it was a win win. But to wrap this one up, I enjoyed Cross Faded, I just wish there was a little more semblance between the palate and nose, as I found the aroma to be quite craveable. Looking forward to checking out Gassius Clay next.