Silky Gelato by Mount Burnin


Silky Gelato


Mount Burnin


Ted’s Budz


Unknown, other than it’s Gelato of some kind. And silky.


Black Smelly Marker, Coffee Beans, Oily Sour Funk, Musky Floor Cleaner, Hard Cheese & Black Pepper Horseradish core.


One, wide med/small bud w/ the rest of the pack filled with fluffy popcorn nugs. Nice humidity on the one bud, cure, trim is fine. “D+” Grade due to selection.


Dry Pull: Dandelion Candy

Smoke: Sour Fuel, Vanilla Dough, Sugarcane finish.

Vapor: Grassy Musk, Herbal Gumdrop, touch of lingering Menthol.


Above-Average Strength – Evenly matched head and body high. Relaxing, sedative, with heavy limbs and eyelids.


It’s been about a year since the last time I’ve sampled some flower that came out of Mount Burnin, and I’ve always been tremendously impressed with what I’ve had. The Silky Gelato series is new to me though, but if it lives up to its reputation, then I’m expecting nothing short of top tier.

Before we talk about the flower can we just note this amazing bag art. I love the chicken as some kind of contemporary spin on Dirty Harry or a Tarantino character from a deleted scene. The Fear and Loathing/Hunter S. Thompson/Ralph Steadman reference is so close to my heart I can’t help but put this one in the collection for its design alone.

Brace yourself, because as soon as I began to cut open the pack with some scissors, even before breaking the zip lock seal, I was already able to smell that classic ultra musky, sour funk… and it is LOUD. I don’t even need to fully dip into the bag to pick up black licorice permanent marker, ground coffee, and floor cleaner with just the slightest bit of lemon on an intense, short inhale. Breaking open the bud contains traces of black pepper, but is mostly overpowered by a sweet cherry wood aroma. This is a 10 on volume, but remember, our amps go to 11. The package date reads December 31st, 2021 and I would bet that if I had opened it up the day I received it we would have been cranked all the way up. Perfect score on the aroma.

Combustion is rich and filled with flavor. On the inhale and partially through the exhale I get huge notes of mouth-watering sour fuel followed by delicate vanilla and baking dough. There a hint of musk to it all, but it’s all so balanced and lovely. On the lingering finish there a grassy flavor that lies across the back of my palate while the tip picks up light floral notes. This reminds me of drinking fresh sugarcane juice or the finish from a nice Rhum Agricole Blanc.

Unfortunately, we have to address the obvious. This nug selection is flat out just awful. If there was maybe just two to three of these popcorn buds to round out the eighth, then fine, no problem. In that case I’m happy to remove them from the picture and just photograph the best one to three. Sometimes we only get one really nice bud that makes it into the shot. The ones that I leave to the side could have certainly been included, but for the aesthetics I like to focus on the best.

It is for this reason that I have very mixed feelings about this particular eighth. Granted, another pack with better nug selection is going to bump this up into top-tier ratings, and I think you should take a chance on the any of the Mount Burnin Farms flowers. Like I mentioned above, the terps were exceptional both on the nose and palate. I would be happy to be smoking on this one any day. It’s exactly what stanky, musky Gelato is all about.